Anakin Skywalker, a Presbyterian?

This is hilarious.

And they say Lucas can’t do dialogue.

Wow. I actually wondered if it was a disgruntled foreign translator that came up with those captions. Goddamn how far off can you be?

Actually it seems pretty clear it’s a word-for-word dictionary/machine translation. All the “fucks” seem to translate back pretty well as 幹.

I like watching DVDs here with the English subtitles switched on when it’s possible. Often they’re a lot like that.

That’s so damn funny. The guy that runs that website cracks me up.

May the force be with you = “Ratio tile, the wish power are together with you!”

Pretty funny stuff…thanks for sharing. You can see how it’s from Chinese when you see the “Everybody is good” for “hello there”.

Here are more:

“like” -> xiang -> “elephant”
“Jedi scum” -> chou xiaozi -> “stinky boy”
“Jedi Council” -> zhanglaohui (Council of Elders) -> Presbyterian Church
“Nooooo!” -> buyao -> “I don’t want”

Don’t know where the hell Yoda’s comment “Pregnancy? Pregnancy?” came from.

The names are what I’m trying to figure out… we’ve got ratio tile (Obi Wan) - 比瓦 (bi wa)? Reaching the west of reaches (Darth Vader) - 達西維達 (da xi wei da)? Blow the skin (C3PO) - 吸皮 (xi pi)?


More here. … titles.htm

The direct translation becomes really obvious for me due to the pic and captions below.

Here is one where they put the captions from the wrong movie into a movie.