Analysis: Taiwan's future depends on Taiwanese will

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Presented without comment? What’s your point?


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unrelated to politics, i do agree somewhat. the younger generation do seem pretty coddled.

Wtf? I know it will be edited bit no shit Sherlock. Only the enabled deny this fact, in any country. Granted Taiwan’s physical size, overpopulation unideal political situation, we should be more diligent and more amazing at this, but we aren’t. Even the guy that hoses down pig shit part time gets this concept.

Taiwan isn’t going to bean adopted wartime orphan that Canadians will take in. Its got real work to do, but we aren’t hungry enough anymore. Soon though

The article misses the key point that the real problem lies not with the student at Taida but with the student at any of hundreds of universities in Canada, the US, the UK. Taiwanese have so given up on their country that they send their children overseas and when they return to Taiwan, with their backwards baseball caps and their Abercrombie and Fitch sweatshirts, they are next to useless morons whose first question will not be, “how can I put my education to use in Taiwan?” but instead “Hey Pa, can you buy me a Ferrari?”



Do they actually return? Most of my Taiwanese friends in Vancouver have been “students” for 9+ years.

This quote is completely different to the reality I witnessed. I used to give private tuition to the rich and super-intelligent of China who were studying in London (some of whom did their undergraduate degrees at Beida), and not a single one of them displayed any aspirations of changing China, let alone changing the world. Except for maybe one aberration, they were the most politically apathetic people I’ve ever met, with aspirations that didn’t extend beyond getting rich and travelling.

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this a billion times

This brings me to the other stellar comment in the thread, this one posted by long-time reader L.C. Rees:

**The ROC exists because: **

**1. the US doesn’t want the PRC to have it **

2. the PRC doesn’t have the strength to take it in the face of American resistance

I completely disagree with this comment. If China wants to “take over” Taiwan America cannot stop them. Within one day all planes in Taiwan air force would be shot down and the island basically surrounded by the Chinese navy (which now has more ships than the U.S. navy). Most of this is simply a matter of logistics and overwhelming number of planes, vessels, and missiles on China’s side so close to Taiwan. Taiwan’s economy would collapse within a month…as trade and investment grinds to a standstill and Taiwanese investments in China are seized.

The U.S. is not going to have a major war with China over Taiwan.

As for students in Taiwan vs China…I can only say I am impressed by the maturity and work ethic of the few Chinese students I have met. Meanwhile, many of the local students seem to have goals like how many trips abroad they can take (for example). Worrying to say the least.

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yea thats true. in terms of trying to get rich and improve their standing chinese are going for it though.

i worked on an movie when i was there. my co workers were living like ants. the worst ant offender was the director. he was living in the studio, never saw him at the house. he had the worst breath ever from his dedicated but unhealthy lifestyle. these guys knew next to nothing about making a movie but they were going for it hell for leather. the drive was inspiring. but the living conditions and stupidity were uninspiring which is probably a good part of why i’m here in taiwan and not china.

Team America is in a weakened position, but is on the mend.

But what really matters is fighting spirit. Blitzkrieg tends to stall out, and grit tends to win out. Taiwan could easily be a Vietnam for China: China can seize Taiwan very easily, but can they hold it?

I wouldn’t judge Taiwanese by its privileged college students and yuppies. Yuppies are yuppies are yuppies. They are beneath good and evil. They are irrelevant to history everywhere. Get outside of Taipei to meet some real Taiwanese.

Now the lack of gun rights concerns me. An unarmed populace is at a great disadvantage. Perhaps the freedom loving world can airdrop guns and ammo. Deliver to rooftops with drones?

Even if the PLA occupiers grab a lot of it, it will still narrow the gap. There are only so many guns a single person can use. Beyond that point it’s all equal. What’s needed is to democratize gun ownership - and no registry. Let an MP wonder which random local is gonna pop him in the back of the head with a concealed 9mm, and he won’t feel so happy about that assault rifle of his anymore.

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The only thing scarier than Chinese controlled Taiwan is legal firearms. Have you met people who have or make guns here?

The Vietnam scenario is interesting, but long gone are the days of aboriginal wild pilots pissed at the enemy. I don’t think Taiwan could ever be Vietnam, we’ve been too well fed for too long. 48 hours, game over and people are thinking about the advantages of a richer government :frowning:

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If guns were legal here i would have been killed 374 times already. The amount of times my fellow business owner neighbors have threatened me is insanely high. I’m just glad they don’t have legal firearms.

I asked my cousin if he could still shoot a gun from his military days. He said nope. Military service was 5% military and 95% cleaning toilets.

It would be good if we can distribute guns to the populace come wartime.

I knew people from the Singaporean military would could still shoot guns.

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Have you ever read a Taiwanese newspaper in your life?


Something to consider would be to storage guns and ammo at all the police stations which are everywhere, and come war time the doors are opened and it’s a free for all.

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So the locals could blow their own heads off with it? The PRC could just sit back and let them finish themselves off.

Same with the fighter jets. Everyone will hit the mountains by themselves

How old is your cousin? My father and uncles can all still operate a firearm if need be. Actually my dad is surprisingly good at it after he had some practice

This current generation of kids from wealthy families don’t go to taida or Beida from Taiwan or China. They’re shipped off to the US/UK/Canada and they’re generally equally incompetent and will still be the people taking over big businesses in their respective countries. The kids in beida and Taida will work for them.

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He’s about 33. And I would doubt my dad can operate a firearm.