Anchor Babies in Taiwan?


Are foreigner teachers or others having anchor babies in Taiwan?

I know the opposite is happening where migrant workers have babies in Taiwan but then they run away and desert the baby. There are organizations in Taiwan whose only role is to rear migrant workers deserted babies.


Does jus soli apply in Taiwan? I thought they followed jus sanguinis - pure Han blood and all that.




The two children of my friends, an American couple, have both been born here but they are not Taiwanese citizens, so apparantly no jus soli in Taiwan.


its jus household registration


There is no way for anyone to have «anchor babies» in Taiwan. Citizenship of the ROC is only exclusively for children born of at least one ROC parent.

Please remember that until 1999, if your father was a foreigner and your mother a ROC citizen, you were considered a foreigner and hence kicked out at 18. Until the amendments last year, most kids of foreign were kicked out at 21. There is still a lot of fighting trying to get kids born here to stay at least after college - current regulations as usual make it complicated.


I read that foreign workers get fired if they get married or have a child hence the abandonment of babies. Taiwan is still backwards in human rights.

The Chinese have been great offenders against human rights since there were humans. Taiwanese are very Chinese in this respect


Plus those babies are stateless, and hence, unadoptable. Just because they are born here that does not mean that the ROC can even shelter them or give them back to…wherever. They become ghosts, literally, living in limbo.