Ancient art of knife massage helps Taiwanese stay sharp

Sounds really impressive until you realise that the knives couldn’t actually cut anybody.

I’d choose this over a Taiwanese foot massage any day :slight_smile:

oh, i saw it too!
very intrigued. has anyone tried it before?

I saw that on the BBC yesterday! I’d LOVE to try it! How did I never see it done anywhere during my time in Taiwan? Totally missed it!

Why on earth would a knife need a massage?

They do this in the Taipei City Mall underground behind the train station. I think that’s where the video is from in fact.

Bitan, too in the night market area.

I got the knife massage, it’s amazing! :notworthy:

Here’s the site info for those who are looking

I love them. It is at the same time the most stimulating and relaxing massage that you can imagine or cannot imagine.

Am I the only one too stupid to figure out how to watch the video? I have a picture of a lady with two knives, then a few paragraphs of text, and then nothing.

[quote=“Festlig_s”]oh, I saw it too!
very intrigued. has anyone tried it before?[/quote]

I had this once and it felt great right up until the point the lady whacked a vertebra with one of the knives.