And people ask why I don't like Tim Horton's


Actually, to be fair, I’ve been to Abbotsford, and this could have happened just about anywhere…
( :nsfw:, obviously)


Seems so un-Canadian. Or maybe they usually just hide their freaky streak very well.


Poutine? More like poupine, amirite?


Is this the next stage of shitposting? Doing it in real life?

My body is ready.


Yeah, you get west of the Rockies, it’s a whole nother bag of meat…


Didn’t some guy who posted here get lost in an airport Tim Horton’s for 24 hours in Montreal on his way to meet his true love and become a model in Taiwan? I’m sure that was a real thread here a few weeks ago, but I can’t find it now.


I really want to know if she’d committed to tossing it at the cashier before she began dropping it, or if that was a spur of the moment reaction when she realized she didn’t have a follow up.


Maybe it’s a deep instinctive drive, like cats being afraid of cucumbers.


Not sure, but she very purposefully grabs a couple fistfuls of bumwad before dropping trou.
Textbook Canookism.
Just because one’s pinching a loaf in public, there’s no need to be sloppy about the whole thing.


She went for a run, had an emergency pope’s nose and the TH staff wouldn’t give her a key to the crapper. My guess. Kinda skinny to be a real Canadian. Must be a foreigner.


That wasn’t real.


I’m tellin you, all the white people in Vancouver are friggin no-gluten veegans.


Yea, he disappeared now.


Did he get dumped by his lady in Taiwan, or did some lady take a dump on him in TH?


Canada is such a brutal place. So many rude people!


In the video, you can’t hear her apologise after…


The whole trope about Canadians being polite is such bullshit. I’ve met plenty of rude, douchey Canucks.


I, for one, am sorry to hear you feel that way.


Surely nothing like this would ever happen in New York.


i guess she needed the public toilet and was denied. so she shat in protest. then threw it at the staff for good measure.

what i don’t get is if she needed to go that badly but is cool with doing it in public, why not go do it in a bush or something??

i also don’t get why the staff was so calm. i would have been diving out of the store the first second her or any old woman started taking her trousers off.