And So It Begins, Xi Looking For Immortality


In the words of the great philosopher Jackie Chan “I’m gradually beginning to feel that we Chinese need to be controlled. If we are not being controlled, we’ll just do what we want.”


Jackie Chan is a tool.

On the other hand, John Oliver’s recent 20 minute assessment of the Xi Jinping regime and what we need to know about it is gold. Don’t miss the reworked propoganda video at the end!



I stop supporting anything he is in after hearing some of the things he said like he thinks HKers should have less freedom and other CCP like speeches maybe 10 years ago.


You mean this?


Some Taiwanese certainly wanted to display an opinion of him:


Yeah, it gave me great joy laughing at him when his son got caught smoking weed after he was like the head of the anti drug committee or whatever bullshit committees the communists like to make. Not so much for the son getting caught for a plant although he got like a slap on the wrist i think.

But is it just me or does the CCP love making committees for everything?


is there a thread, or should there be one, that presents a list of HK/Taiwan/Asia/Western entertainers who kow-tow to the ChiComms?


Most of them just try to say neutral and not offend the CCP. But Jackie is a true 5cent collector. I can’t think of anyone that goes out of their way and says the things he says.


Have you been to Singapore? Not a fan of the model, but it is cleaner than most Chinese inhabited places. :joy:


The new Lord and Savior:

Say, what’s the technical definition of Antichrist?


Maybe he’s just trying to expand the supply of harvestable organs.


Despite its immediate popularity, Chinese fans’ devotion to “Devotion” waned rapidly after a scene of the game was found to have contained a Taoist talisman hung over the wall which, though inconspicuously, carries a seal script reading “Xi Jinping Winnie the Pooh” (習近平小熊維尼) in an ancient style of Chinese writing, said CNA.

-Taiwanese need to do more of this funny shit to irritate the Pooh.


A few emperors searched for immortality. Didn’t end well for them.

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They are legit good video game developers too. They have a cult following.



It’s a shame there aren’t subtitles on this, because it’s such a refreshing change from the ignoble Jacky Chan type celebrities.

I’m greatly impressed by the way celebrity historian Yi Zhongtian has come out in public with such an incisive critique of the CCP regime under Xi. Without mentioning Xi directly, his points here are all 一針見血.


Lol @ it running through the second time. Talk about humans behind big monitors.


Never heard of him


In its statement, Red Candle said that one member of the development team wrote the content without others noticing it. The games company said Devotion has been removed from the China region of the digital games distribution platform Steam and said players who paid for the game will be refunded.

and just like that, the candle of courage blew itself out…


Lame. Should have double down.