And the most romantic restaurant in Taichung is.....?

Hi all
I want to know where is the most romantic restaurant in Taichung? I am talking about great atmosphere, top service and possibly an in house band that takes requests.

Unfortunately my girlfriend and I had a few problems in our relationship and we broke up. This is a decision that I cannot accept. I plan on taking her to dinner,surprising her with a poem and a ring in her champagne to symbolize that I will not give up on this love.

So if you guys have any suggestions on a great place to do this, please let me know.

Thank you all so much.

you are a nutter!

Why is there no recommend button in this thread?

Anyway, yes, sadly, you are a nutter.

EDIT: OK, that wasn’t very nice, but please, don’t do it. I realise that’s not what you asked, but don’t do it.

I showed this to my wife and she said… ‘you are a nutter’.


Hi guys,why do you say that I’m a nutter? Please help me get through this guys, I feel like I am going crazy, like I can’t get her back.

The bit about the ring in the champagne and the ‘decision you cannot accept’.

What headhoncho said.

Assuming this isn’t a troll, the only suggestion I can offer is to start dating other women. You are going to get dumped again and again and again, but by the end of it all, you’ll have a pretty good idea what makes women tick, and you’ll probably be more comfortable in your own skin too. Unfortunately, at the moment (and I really can’t think of a kind way to phrase this) you don’t have a clue. Pay attention in future, instead of just writing off anything that happens as “a few problems”.

As for the ex-gf: it’s over. The reason it’s over is because she said it’s over. Even under better circumstances, it’s rare that “getting back together” is worthwhile; breaking up is hard to do (as I’m sure someone has said before) and therefore there’s usually a very good reason for it when it happens. Understand what went wrong, move on, and don’t make the same mistakes next time.

Yeah, I guess you are right. It is just so difficult to come to terms with it. I feel that I can keep fighting and I can get her back. But I know doing too much can have the same effect as doing too little in this situation. Anyways, thank you guys, I will need to come to my own realization of what to do from here. I appreciate it everyone.

Sorry mate, you did sound like a bit of a nutter, but clearly not. Glad you didn’t go through with the whole scheme, it would have been a disaster.

Ordinarily, the whole “plenty more fish in the sea” platitute would be trite but meaningless. But this is Taiwan, and there really are plenty more fish in the sea. And nevermind the fancy restaurant and champagne, a kuai chao and a couple of Taiwan Gold are normally just the ticket.

No, I totally understand why you guys would say that. Others have said the same thing about me trying to get her back. Its just really difficult for me to move on. She was the girl I planned to marry, already had the ring and stuff. Then we started having these problems and things went south. But yeah, I will try and do something.

You guys are not helpful. Ok, let me try.

Live band… hmm… that is not easy in Taiwan, but the lounge bar in Hotel One has nice singer, and is pretty nice, have some food too I think. But it’s more of a lounge bar and you need to check when is the live music on (not sure if daily).

If no live music required, I love La Bretagne (or however you spell it) on the long street in front of the art museum. French style place, really neat and not too loud inside. Great service and great food. Price will be 600-1000 per person for big set meal.

So even if it won’t work for you…maybe some other guy can use this suggestion.

some other nutter…