And yet again...another shooting rampage in the USA


Its not harsh. All the right wing nut jobs in the US are desperate to put a false flag (whatever that means) spin on this because otherwise what you’ve got is a white guy shooting other white people at a country music festival and that fits no one’s agenda whatsoever.

If you let people arm themselves to the teeth with semi-automatic rifles sooner or later they’re going to put them to use.


News flash : other countries enjoy hunting and gun sports too. Generally we just use rifles and shotguns.
But we don’t walk around cities with them strapped on to us nor are you permitted to buy a small arsenal of them !


I’m well aware, I was firing single bolt rifles in the tuscany country side. What are you disagreeing with me on?


I guess not quite disagreeing but emphasising the point that guns are not just an America pursuit but part of other cultures too.


He doesn’t like collecting stamps! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Because he liked The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.


Im aware. I’m just explaining the gun situation in the US for some people who might not know how easy it can be to obtain a firearm and being able to mod them into fully auto. im not sure everyone is aware of the mess from a federal, state and all the loopholes I mentioned. I don’t think I’ve put out anything saying my position on gun regulations besides that I don’t see it changing due to many reasons and that I’m a gun owner myself.

There was some confusing on how someone can get 42 guns and how they could be fully auto. I’m just trying explain that it’s not absurd. Ive known many people who have had more than 40 guns in their lifetime and had illegally modded them or some who had legally obtained fully auto that can be legal if you get a license.


There are two things you do not touch, or threaten an American with…1, their money and 2, their guns. To many Americans, specifically those with a rightist bent, these two are sacrosanct to the American way of life. They believe, that one will protect the other, and the gun will protect their freedoms. Sidenote: If freedom is not free, then is it really freedom? Also, what kind of freedom is bought with a gun?

They seem to think it will keep them safe from all sorts of things. If they know something will happen, maybe. If they are in their home, maybe. But…if Weekend Rambo is walking down a street with 2 AK-47s on his back, extra clips, a Glock semi under each arm, and various other bells and whistles. This, he believes will keep him safe. As it will intimidate others (“FREEDOM!”) and so be it. However, unless he has eyes in the back of his head, he probably will not see his demise coming. A lot of those guns did.

Dan Bilzarian had to chime in with some nonsense about how he “forgot his gun” that day, as if that would have made a difference. What exactly was he going to do? Go running into the hotel waving his gun all over the place? OK, he has black hair and a big bushy black beard. I am not so sure that he would have been met with a warm welcome by the police. Assuming he saw where the shooter was shooting from, the 32nd floor, and amidst all the chaos on the ground, I would love to know how he was going to go all Sledghammer and save the day. My guess is he would have scanned the ground, and possibly a flash of something would have caught his eye and he would have fired away. This could cause another Rambo to start shooting. So now, people are caught in this crossfire, while being hit from above. FREEDOM!


I always cringe when celebrities and politicians with their armed bodyguards pontificate about banning guns.


I think the sad thing is how numb I personally feel. And the comment that I don’t believe that anything will change. Thinking about it I feel like there’s a real lack of efficacy of how much I feel I have influence in the government.



You are just stating reality. Republican House, Congress and President, nothing meaningful is going to change anytime soon.

I’m not sticking up for guns, I grew up in the UK and live in Taiwan, both places pretty gun free and am glad for that.


Now you know how Europeans feel about truck of peace after truck of peace. Welcome to the party!


I think party may not have been the best choice of words.


Americans now have bullets of freedom.


Yeah, Trump said that they will surely talk about gun laws … but not NOW!


Almost makes you miss the old days when we just had freedom fries.


Dunno. The Cheeto in chief managed to blame Puerto Rico for the US budget. Like a spoiled child who did not want to be there, he went but threw a few tantrums along with toilet paper.

So I imagine he will gracefully ingratiate his handlers, sorry, his benefactors and contributors of the NRA assuring that nothing will change during his mandate regarding the right to bear arms. He may even manage to shift the blame towards liberals and foreigners and poor people and so on and so forth.

One thing I doubt though is whether he will be able to offer some words of confort and a modicum of respect to his office.


:joy: thanks for that
I was curious what kind of reception his opinion would bring. I think I got my answer.


you sure he wont say both sides were very fine people instead? You never know with this guy. Plus even if he grew a heart and try to do something. Republicans in congress and the senate all have the NRAs dicks in their asses.

Anyone been watching Fox News struggling to report this lol.