And yet again...another shooting rampage in the USA


Someone should make a compilation of Fox news reporting on this kind of mass shooting and CNN reporting on shootings/murders/attacks done by minorities. I bet the result would be glorious in terms of butthurtedness©


MSNBC is probably worse than CNN. I can’t watch the news these days. I actually find the daily show to be better.

What is the most neutral news network these days. I feel like they make me cringe. I can’t stand Fox News. Even CNN since the last election has lost my viewership.


Well, if we want to reach the depths of news reporting/commentary, we could mention the Young Turks. They’re Alex Jones-tier of shittiness, but at least AJ is funny.


Sean Hannity in 5:20 was probably the most hurlarious part of the whole thing if you haven’t seen th clip

Young Turks is awful sometimes. I can’t seem to find a news that I can agree with. I can’t do Fox. I think they lost me when Megan Kelly insisted that santa is white… they literally had a debate on national tv about the race of the imaginary person. And insisted he is white.


I can’t stand him talking. Hannity and Bill “tide goes in, tide goes out” O’Reilly are two people I can only listen to for 5 seconds top, just enough to close whatever video I happen to be watching.


Bill has to be my least favorite. I actually think he’s just an evil person. Trever Noah I have found to be a good replacement to jon steward. Both I do like.

I also still like Anderson cooper.


All of these people are obnoxious propagandists, but Trevor Noah is definitely the worst. Even Cooper has a better sense of humor than him.


It’s a name, not a job. Jon Stewart


Santa isn’t the ONLY imaginary being they argue the race of.


What’s wrong with Noah? He lit it up when he compared 45 to an African dictator.


He doesn’t grab me, but he easily had the best Ben Carson impersonation.


Uh…infotainment for progressives, which is fine as long as it’s actually funny. But he isn’t, and audiences would seem to agree–his ratings are consistently lower than Stewart’s. He is good with accents, though, I’ll give him that.


Noah to Stewart is apples to oranges. The Daily Show was different under Stewart, but no one would have been given a free pass after he left. It is like when Elway retired. That left some pretty big shoes to fill and a lot of expectations.

That said, the Stewart-led show never beat the Tonight Show, something the Noah era can brag about.

Stewart was too right-friendly. He was always about not pushing back. After two years of the right-led media going after Obama’s citizenship and religion, when the left went after a congressman over an edited version of his wedding vows, Stewart went up in arms. Many a FoxNews host said Stewart belonged at Fox.
That is why the right loved Jon Stewart.


Judging a comedy show on the basis of the political positions its hosts take? Oookaaaay…



Man, remind me never to watch one of your clips while eating. :doh: My laptop will thank you!


And that is a problem…why? So it is OK for the right to judge a show/actor/athlete based on their stated politics, but when the left does it, it is some how becomes taboo?


I don’t know what prohibited military arms you’re referring to. Do you mean post 1986 automatic weapons? Pre-86 are legally obtainable, if exorbitantly expensive.

The reason I put “military style” in quotes is because it’s just a weaselly way of describing something that looks like an AR-15. It’s not a specific feature on a firearm like a bayonet lug, a collapsible stock or selective fire. Without a specific list you end up with legislators calling an AR-15 an assault rifle when it doesn’t meet the definition of an assault rifle (semi-automatic only, no selective fire). An M-1 Garand is a military rifle but would get a pass since most people couldn’t recognize it if they hadn’t seen it in The Pacific.


Its my understanding some states have far more reasonable gun laws than others.

Also semi automatic weapons with large calibre bullets and large ammunition cases can obviously kill with great effectiveness and can take out police with ease. Hence militarisation of the police force with further alienation from the citizenry.

The fact that these semi automatic military use weapons can be converted to full automatic assualt rifles with simple and fully legal devices is pretty crazy and resulted in hundreds of deaths and injuries in this recent terrorist incident.

Semi automatic handguns can also kill with great effectiveness of course but you have to start somewhere and I guess thats what the gun nuts are really afraid of.

There’s something wrong with places that people are openly carrying these kind of weapons around in the streets . It creates an atmosphere of intimidation and threat of extreme violence .


It is unbelievable. What the fuck is that girl talking about: the shooter didn’t have god in his life and knows country music fans are regular church goers so maybe he had a problem with that? What sort of moron could come up with such bullshit?