And yet again...another shooting rampage in the USA


You do know the latest posts there are about attempted murder and organized kitty crime, right? :crying_cat_face:


My God all we need now is for the cats to get wind of it.


True. Hopefully it won’t devolve into a claw control debate (as far as I know, opposable thumbs are required to use guns). Claws don’t scratch people, man, cats scratch people!


They do scratch, but they almost never kill (humans).

If you want something closer to the gun control debate, try pitbulls. And yes, that debate involves accusations of (dog) racism.


Depends on the size of your cat. Tigers kill people on a pretty regular basis. They’re like the AR-15 of the cat world. :sunglasses:


Isn’t it odd that there’s almost no “big cat lobby” asking for deregulation? They could cite Christian the Lion as an example of responsible big cat ownership… :lion::heart:


It’s not even required. Private breeding of exotic species, including big cats, is almost out of control as it is in the U.S.


They said the Christian the Lion story couldn’t happen in the UK today because they banned exotic pets. I’m sure the US at least has animal by-laws in many cities, if not state or federal laws to keep the big cats confined. It’s one thing to have a private zoo, another to walk your jungle king down the street.


State law varies. He is MO.


About 30% of mass shootings are linked to SSRI medication. People love sucking down those happy pills and America loves prescribing them for anything.


Guy was a bomb waiting to be set off. No doubt if he got into the school he would’ve killed as many of the kids as he could.

And a new angle to gun control and background checks. He apparently made his own guns (perhaps from mail order parts).

And they seem to have worked fine in killing people. He had been heard practicing some days before the killings. Making sure those weapons worked.


There are legal ways to illegally purchase weapons. Depending on your state. Although, state restrictions on weapons may not stand much longer in the current political climate. So much for states rights.


Thing is in the days of when they wrote the 2nd amendment to protect the people from the govt, they likely had few people who were shooting up schools or cafeterias or the such.

Seems we have to go to everyone having guns. Like having a car. Everyone learns to handle a gun and has a license to have one and is armed. So when one guy / girl goes berserk there are others around to stop him/her.

This guy in California had his own rampage going on for 45 mins before the cops showed up. He was shooting people up and down the street. Ran a couple off the road and then chased after them and gunned them down.

Someone in the Texas Church rampage had a gun and stopped the murderer before he could go to another venue and do another shoot em up.

The USA can’t stop guns anymore then it can stop drugs.

Best the good be armed then, better not only the criminal or insane.

In America the police are minutes away when seconds count.

That was the saying. They could be hours away depending on the situation.

TAiwanese police may not be the best but doubt if someone was shooting up the street in Taipei it would take 45 mins for them to arrive.


You are right. Any ban on guns will have the same effect as a border wall, or immigration ban will have on crime. But both sides have to appeal to their base.


Just when you thought you were inured…a 12-year-old girl as shooter. Will the plot twists ever cease? When is a Teacher gonna go off? School Lunch Lady?


12 yo kids with guns… with guns and using them.


So the obvious solution is to teach kids in school how to use guns. And the top shooters would be allowed to carry guns in school to protect the other students from incidences like this one. See, if a couple of other kids in that class had handguns they could have shot the shooter before she was able to hurt so many kids.
Now, obviously I am being sarcastic as hell.

But in parts of the US a lot of people would agree with my insane idea. Really.


That may have been sarcastic. But, sarcasm doesn’t fly in the USA anymore. I thought I was reading an NRA press release.


This is why the US needs a border wall and tighter immigration!

In time, I’m afraid. In due time. Probably in May when finals are happening. Some kid is going to be miffed about a bad mark. Since teachers and kids all have guns, it will be like dropping a ping pong ball into a box of cocked mousetraps.


Should this thread be renamed “American mass shooting of the day”? :frowning_face: