And yet again...another shooting rampage in the USA


Go back to the good 'ole days of the wild west when everyone could carry a gun, and you might have to drop it off before you enter a bar.


Vietnamese, Panamanian, Grenadian, Iraqi and Afghani people are probably happy Americans are busy liberating each other for the time being rather than them so it’s not all bad.


The good ole days!


Maybe you need to swap “bar” with “school”.


No, because there’s no alcohol to impair your judgement.
If university students could carry, the death toll would likely be less from these incidents.


Says who? Not the HS I went to. The cowboys with their bright pink King Ropes hats and huge belt buckles, would come to school with rifles in their gun racks in their shitty pickups. Usually had some kind of hooch in there, as well.


“shitty pickups”?
could be they didn’t want to buy expensive or ostentatious cars that others would bring to the high school parking lot or don’t have the money to buy such cars.
Trucks are better, because you can see over the cars in front of you.
Very common to have gun racks in the south. Not an earth-shaker.


Wasn’t the south. Wyoming. We could even smoke! Good times.
The pickups went with the image. Cannot really sell that cowboy look in a Datsun 210. And they were crappy. Usually about as old as they were. Some actually came from small ranches and farms, or otherwise rural area. Which was 99% of the whole state. I was a city slicker. I did not have a car. I had a bicycle.


No worries guys, the gun was in her backpack, it was accidental. Everyone is dropping the story.


Well that’s a relief. So long as 12-year-olds are only accidentally shooting people.



Maybe we can start a new thread, the “US Accidental School Shooting Thread”

No worries guys. lol. You can’t make this shit up.


17 more students die needlessly.