And yet another misuse of the "ABC" moniker!

BUSTED!!! What a bonehead! Good for the officer for challenging that wanker! :bravo:

But that’s ok, because it was a “real” foreigner. :unamused:

Nice job, Inspector Chang! I really wish they’d ratchet up the anti-littering campaign a bit more, though.

I have a hard time believing you guys trust the Taiwanese news. :astonished:

If they told me the sun was up I’d still go outside to check.

ABC? :roflmao: if that nicka was anymore Taike he’d be running for the DPP in the next elections.

This happened last year. Why is it making the news now?

Nothing else to print … slow news week … :s

his english is not very good

…and if you believe this story…I have some nice statues in a park by the water I would like to sell you… :unamused:

I call complete BS on this one.

Damn you, “a foreigner”, for letting the secret out!

That linguistic cop-out don’t work out as well as it once did.

The news are so lame here

That’s such a pitiful tactic anyway; what an embarrassment for anyone using it, foreigner or not.