Andrew Yang 2020

Too bad his ancestors didn’t spell their 陽 on immigration form as ‘Young’. Then he’d get a few followers just on confusion with the famous Atlanta mayor and confidant of MLK, Jr.

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He’s like a really smart person, it seems. :slightly_smiling_face:

Listened to the whole podcast. Great conversation.

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Please continue discussing the wall in the The US-Mexico border thread

Even if the results of this very limited experience were all positive, implementing it nationwide in a country like the US is a whole different ballgame. I feel that it just might be too much change for a society to handle, but then automation is a change that might be too much for a society to handle as well. I always wonder who these big companies that produce with the help of robots are going to sell their products to when unemployment numbers will get higher because of automation.

You know where I think UBI could work? Japan and S korea. Japanese work culture and attitude towards work ethic might give it a chance. It’s too shameful to not work there, where as US people are proud to live off others because they feel entitled to free stuff from the gov.

Might be true for some people, but if you think of a proud truck driver with a family to feed, there will be many people begging for those old jobs coming back, anything but staying at home and feeling useless. That basic income would just mean that some folks retain some dignity and have enough to cover their bills. A lot of challenges ahead, people like Andrew Yang are looking for solutions and I think this can only be a good thing.

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There are also reasons why some people/entire communities fall into long term unemployment that no amount of free money will solve.

He is right!!!

I think Yang did well in the first round of the debate. He actually got more applause during the closing statement than other candidates.

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I wouldn’t personally vote for him. But I also think he did well. I do like him as a candidate, he’s bringing something different. Hope to see him shake things up for the Democrats.

But I have a feeling the media will do him like Ron Paul. They didn’t even ask him more than 2 questions all night.

Yeah, this is a shame since apparently the night before Cory Booker was considered to have done well because he kept chiming in on other candidates question. I guess NBC was trying to learn from the first night

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Does Andrew Yang speak Chinese? He should start speaking in Chinese to counter the Spanish lol.

Yang doesn’t speak any Chinese.

I’ve liked Yang from the outset and…probably would vote for him though I sincerely disagree with several of his major plans. However, I know of these plans because he has actually published and discussed them, unlike other candidates.

I listened to him on Sam Harris then Rogan read his book then listened to him on Shapiro and, honestly, it took me to the end of the Harris episode before I was even halfway on-board with the UBI idea and it took me reading his book to really get behind it. I’ve had numerous discussions (face-to-face) with people about it and it isn’t something you can toss out like “REPARATIONS FOR TRANSGENDER NATIVE AMERICAN JEWS” and have people support. Watching him have 45 second to nail it when the moderator had a final retort already planned was painful.

Yang did get some attention from not getting attention. Paul Krugman did a thread about why Yang’s an idiot as well, which has to mean that somebody really dislikes him.


I actually just listened to some of his explanation of UBI…I have to say. It makes some sense when he explains it. But idk, seems crazy and it’s a big risk to put the theory into real life.

Oh, I entirely agree.

I think if we eliminated nearly every form of welfare and rolled things out in the form of a UBI, it would be even better. (Yang wants to let people decide - if you get more than $1k of regular welfare, you can opt out of the UBI.)

I think the primary danger is the gov’t screwing it up but like Yang said (on Harris, I believe), the only thing the gov’t really does well is send regular checks out to people.

Politics could really get in the way.

  1. What happens when candidates promise $2k instead of $1k and then the next person raises it to $3k. Would we vote against a person who wants to raise our earnings so much? Would this make campaigns look like what democrats are currently doing?

  2. IF it doesn’t work, it’s here to stay. Nobody is going to take away such a huge entitlement program.

  3. Without immigration being figured out, it would further incentivize illegal immigration. You saw proposals last night to decriminalize illegal border crossings and to provide free gov’t health care to all illegals currently in the country. Toss in $12k per year for every person over 18 in your household and I predict a lot of people would be willing to take the chance to get into the country.

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He speaks a little, and his comprehension isn’t too bad, as can be seen in this interview. His Chinese is probably better than Booker’s Spanish, in any case.

Yang is just much more of a policy guy than a natural politician, which doesn’t play well in a TV debate. But honestly, I think he came away looking better than most of the other candidates.