Andrew Yang 2020

Can listen to him all day long, so knowledgeable, so well spoken. Hope he gets a job in the new administration.

You think he’ll be willing to work with Trump? :thinking:


Probably career limiting.

I hope Yang goes back to making buckets of moolah to keep current on things that matter to Americans, finds/grows a spine, stands up to the Democrat party’s identity politics (fast becoming open racism) addicts, and runs again.

Guy’s definitely worth saving, even if he stays a Dem.

I didn’t mean prison warden… :thinking:

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Neither did I. :slightly_smiling_face:

OK, another Yang speaks vid

It’s so refreshing to listen to people who leave the bullshit bits out of the discussion.

So many good points to contemplate about. I really hope that more people like Yang come out and play major roles in politics on both sides of the spectrum, and get not corrupted by the system. Maybe he’s already being corrupted by CNN, I dunno, he still seems to be quite authentic, though.

Unfortunately, Yang seems incredibly naive when it comes to China.

Don’t see the naivety in that.

He’s going to deal with issues like Chinese theft of IP and “various human rights issues” by…wait for it. Wait for it. Wait for it. Keep waiting.

On IP theft, it’s pure naivety to believe that you can negotiate with China to stop. IP theft is a foundational part of Chinese industry and their economy. If they stop stealing, they will not be able to achieve their goals. Any action the US takes to actually stop IP theft will not be accepted willingly by the Chinese. Basically, if they agree to do something on IP theft, you know that it’s going to be ineffective.

On human rights, it’s an insult to call them “issues” instead of “abuses.” Here too, it’s naive to believe that you can convince China to change its ways. Governments that round people up and put them into “reeducation” camps don’t stop doing these things because you sit down at a table and ask them to nicely.

And the comment about being able to collaborate on climate change and AI is silly. China is the world’s biggest polluter and primarily uses AI as a tool for oppression. Yang says the US falls victim to zero sum thinking, which might be true, but he’s a fool if he doesn’t believe that the Chinese are also playing zero sum games. China has been playing “China first” way before Trump made “America first” a thing.

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I didn’t know he lived in NYC. I thought he was in Cali.

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I’d like to see how he handles the attempt. Blahblasio is awful. It will be interesting if he wins to see him implement some of the social credit system of rewards only he wrote about in his book.

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Neither did I!

He’s from Schenectady.

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Speaking of New York…