Android 4G

Lets yak bout fones shall we?

Got this baby today : … 4G/LGMS770

And no it wasnt 99 bucks. When i got there the buggers told me bout the fine print which says if you buy TWO of them at the same time you get the second one at 99 with a mail in rebate. A hex on them please.

Spending some time getting to know the new fone and so far 4G LTE (there are several standards apparently) is much faster then the 3G i was using.

Am told metropcs uses Verizon’s towers and transmission equipment.

Wanted an iphone if truth be told but Metropcs doesnt carry them. And i want to stay with metro because unlimited minutes and unlimited data for 55/month.

so far liking the fone a lot better then my HwaWei 3G fone (which wasnt bad mind you).

Its got a cam in back and a cam in front for video calling. Havnt tried it yet. Also its capable (for ten bucks/month more) to act as a mobile hotspot so one can use a computer thru it to get wireless internet. Not sure exactly what kinds of real speeds one will get tho.

But passed by Buchanan airfield and saw two private jets parked there and took down the tail numbers and inputted them on the 4g and instantly got data on them online pretty fast.

Certainly way faster then using 3G was. Bout ten times faster.

I must say, after 24 hours with this thing, im liking it totally ! Its way better then the one it replaced. The voice recognition is quite good to the point of actually being usable if one speaks in a quiet room and speaks clearly and slowly. Its great to actually access the internet without a hotspot ! I can call up a youtube video even. Something the 3G couldnt do.

so all in all, a worthwhile investment of about 180 bucks for the fone. The service remained about the same at 55/month for the service (unlimited 4G data and unlimited calls) plus another 5/month for a insurance policy against loss.

4G LTE , is the way to go for now.

4G LTE , is the way to go for now.[/quote]

Thanks Tommy for sharing. Although here in Taiwan, it looks like we won’t get 4G LTE infrastructure until 2015.Taiwanese premier agrees to release 4G licences for July 2013, so operations can start from 2015

That long huh? Well one thing is for sure, aint nobody out there in Taiwan is going to want a 3G fone after they know about and start using the 4G.

Its a huge leap in speed and usability.

3G fones are going to just be paperweights for the majority.

this guy explained things pretty good:

Unfortunately yes, and your carrier is charging an extra 10 dollars to tether? Cheeky bastards. That’s probably the main reason I would want one, then get rid of the home connection and save some money.

Unfortunately yes, and your carrier is charging an extra 10 dollars to tether? Cheeky bastards. That’s probably the main reason I would want one, then get rid of the home connection and save some money.[/quote]

my half taiwanese mind is already thinking that way . Comcast promised me 100mps, but in reality im getting less then 2mps and paying bout 50/month. I also get basic cable with that, but i rarely watch tv.

I wonder if i can get at least 2mps upload and download to tether my fone? IF so, then its byebye comcast and saving 50 buckeroos a month for the tomster (to apply elsewhere of course).

I should probably get it and see if the speeds are real and practical.

This way, one good thing . I wanted to use my old 3G fone as a TOMTOM for the car. And there is only one hitch. One needs a wifi connection to start the direction. It needs that to locate ur current position adn then go from there.

I experimented today. Put in the address at home using my wifi adn then proceeding with it all the way to berkeley without a hitch. The androids have a real GPS chip like a TOMTOM but (probably to appease the fone comps) needs a kick start if you will to work using the 3G position finder (or a wifi connection also does the same).

I downloaded an ap that supposedly would be able to do just that, but need to get another microsd card to make that work.

my 3g fone microsd is being used by the new fone.

I dont want to throw away my old fone, It can be used to access the net at a hotspot. And if i can get it to work as a GPS that will be awesome, then that will be its new life. As a GPS thingy to keep in the car.

Heard from a bud that charging 10 bucks more to tether may soon be ruled illegal ! It would be cool to drop my 60/month comcast bill and pay just 10/month more even to tether on my cellfone. But wonder if it would work well? Guess i could sign up for it and try it out?