Anyone got into this series? I did TOTALLY. I know it’s not on cabel here and so downloaded all 3 series and really loved it.

If you liked Startrek Voyager, I strongly recommend to give this one a go.
It’s also a brainchild of Gene Roddenberry (and Robert Hewitt Wolfe).

For those who know this series could you recommend a replacement? I’ve touched on Babylon 5, Farscape and now Firefly I think it’s called. But nothing yet as absorbing as Andromeda.

It seemed to me that the cast was too shallow both in terms of numbers and personality. I also didn’t like the girl with the tail (just window dressing) and the guy with the virus or whatever (annoying window dressing).
I watched a few, but eventually the stories and characters didn’t develop enough to keep me coming back.
Now Farscape…that’s a WHOLE different kettle fish. Farscape ROCKS!