ANDY C (dnb legend) in Taipei 5.2 (thurs)

活動:ANDY C 世界第一DNB DJ
時間:21:30pm ~ 04:00am
地點:台北 ROOM 18

票價:預售NT500(限量) / 當日NT700 附一份飲料.
Pre-sales: Greg 09874500 $500/$700 on the door with a drink

There’s no bigger name in drum and bass than Andy C. Recently being chosen to remix Mat Zo and Porter Robinson’s “Easy”, Major Lazer’s “Get Free”, Dizzee Rascal and Eric Prydz all in the last year and basically smashing them to pieces drum and bass style, you know this is going to be one of the defining moments of drum and bass in Taiwan’s history.

Winner of best DNB DJ 10 years running in every poll available, he is one of the most respected djs in the entire dance music scene and has been one of the few strictly DNB DJs to regularly appear in the DJ MAG TOP 100. Every DNB producer aspires to be on his Ram Records label and recent graduates CHASE + STATUS and SUB FOCUS as well as the main man himself regularly play to tens of thousands at festivals such as GLASTONBURY and ULTRA.

Room 18, Urban Asia and TBP bring you what looks to be THE party of the year - THURSDAY MAY 2ND @ ROOM 18

★ Andy C will be 3 deck mixing from 12-2 so don’t miss it.

★ Added bass provided by Funktion One
★ Free earplugs at door

★ Set Times

21.30 - 22.30 Alex 36
10.30 - 12.00 Lai, Rich + Stoppa MC

★★★ 12:00 - 02:00 ANDY C ★★★

02.00-03.30 Robi Roka + Stoppa MC

如果上帝是一個鼓打貝斯DJ,那麼祂凡人的化身就是Andy C。Andy C使用三台唱盤打碟的技巧至今無人能及,不僅是電子音樂界公認技巧最神的DJ之一,十年更是來年年被票選為”最佳鼓打貝斯DJ”,他也是少數能夠榮登DJ Mag百大DJ榜的”純”鼓打貝斯DJ。他所創立的Ram Records是鼓打貝斯的龍頭廠牌,旗下藝人Sub Focus、Chase & Status等製作出眾多膾炙人口的舞池國歌,他們也一直都是各大音樂節如Glastonbury、UTRA的座上常客。Andy C在鼓打貝斯的地位,讓許多電子音樂DJ指名要他操刀混音,近期像是Mat Zo和Porter Robinson的Easy、Major Lazer的Get Free,還有Dizzee Rascal和Eric Prydz等人的歌曲,都被他炮製出鼓打貝斯混音版,紅遍各大舞池!

聽到這裡,你應該要知道Andy C繼上一次來台睽違8年後神蹟再現,這場絕對會是在台灣電子音樂史上留名的派對!你一定不能錯過!

Room 18、Urban Asia、TBP將為你帶來今年度最值得期待的一場派對!5/2星期四在Room 18

Andy C將從12-2點展示他用三台唱盤打碟的神技!

★ 本活動將使用Funktion One重低音喇吧
★ 門口贈送免費耳塞

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Jeez Andy C!!! made my eyes bounce back at homelands festival back in 2000. Amazing set.

Can’t wait for the floors to wobble