Angela Merkel step down from her party and won’t seek re-election

What surprised is I didn’t know the chancellor position allowed for unlimited terms…wasnt there one guy that was nuts that would have made people think maybe we shouldn’t allow that?

Almost all European countries have no direct term limit for their chancellor or prime minister. They must maintain support of their parliament at all times though.

I think his name was Hitler or Adolf. some funny-mustache dude

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What’s the latest on Merkel? Will she go to prison for besetting a catastrophe on the EU? It’s long been speculated she was a KGB Sleeper agent. It was blasted as conspiracy theory until it was revealed that the Obama admin indeed wiretapped her phone (at minimum) for 6 years (at least) and had since pivoted the country into reduced German Military spending and increased energy purchases from Russia while maintaining close relations with Putin that whole time. Even the Nordstream CEO is a former East German Spy and worked with Putin in Dresden back in the day.

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You could have told us this previously. It’s a bit late now.

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Hindsight is 20/20 :laughing:

The insight to me is that it never even occurred to me that there could still be factions of East German Spies running amok in this day and age…decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Russia still has influences that go way back perhaps