Angels in America

Anyone else watched this?

I’m currently viewing courtesy of the Kazaa lending library. Al Pacino, Meryl Streep and AIDS - what a heady brew! :slight_smile:

Yes, an excellent film on the AIDS epidemic in the 80’s. It was originally a stage production, I think. I thought it adapted nicely to screen production. Overall, a thought provoking, but sad story. It reminds me of the days before the protease inhibitors and PCP prophylaxis were available, the ICUs in the hospitals I rotated through as a medical student were full of young men dying of end stage AIDS.

AIDS, Reaganite politics and angels! The acting really is top notch, with each actor playing two or even three roles. I didn’t realize Emma Thompson player the rabbi until the credits rolled. :eek:

That was Meryl Streep playing the Rabbi I believe.

Top quality TV available on the Kazaa lending library now, and perhaps on HBO Taiwan soon.

Angels in America

Anyone seen this? Was it on in Taiwan? I finished watching it yesterday, and while I agree that the acting is excellent and the story is sort of touching and sort of important, I was a bit bored. I thought they talked waaaaaaaaaaay too much.

But I absolutely LOVED Harper :lovestruck:

I rented the DVD. It was OK, but only because I’d kind of like to shag Emma Thompson.

God, she’s so amazing. I’m magnetically drawn to everything she does. Even to go see Nanny McPhee.

I found it so disapointing, I think I watched 2 episodes…boring!