Angry Lesbians file lawsuit

We’re the true Lesbians, say islanders

I like lesbians…they usually buy their own drinks…:smiley:

Shh, don’t tell the real Caucasians.

We have a Dalmatian on the boards too.

Shouldn’t they call themselves “Lesboians”?

LesBoyians and LesGirlians.

actually, HGC and others might remember Les Girls in the Cross. kind of related to our topic (very long running drag show in Sydney).

Just don’t rub them the wrong way.

Lesbosians. Lesbosinese.

So are their any dikes in Lesvos? Just asking…

As a victim of psychological and moral rape, I am outraged that these Lesbvos residents would belittle my suffering by likening theirs to mine. Perhaps I should sue…

Meanwhile, I wonder what the inhabitants of Sodom (S’dom, just south of the Dead Sea) think of their PR image…? They really should set up some kind of resort.

Who will put their finger in the dike?

Perhaps they should just insist on being called Lesvotians or something.

I’m taking it back!…from Clerks II

contains profanity…a lot