Anhe Road What's Happening

Anhe Road area is having a resurgence in the area but not on that exact street I don’t know if anyone here has noticed. Leli road, Heping Road, Keelung Road, Xinyi Road, others in the area.

There are easily four or five speakeasies nearby and lots of pubs and whiskey bars and craft beer and cocktail bars and live music places and pizza places and sports bars.

Anhe Road was maybe the prime bar hopping district at one time for people that didn’t want to go to the The Combat Zone

I don’t know about the booze, but some of the best food in Taipei is in that neighbourhood.


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I’m not sure this is new? I remember it having a number of fancy wine bars that appeared to always be empty and looked too expensive for me anyway. One of them was Arabian themed, if I remember correctly. This was about five years ago or so.

Yeah all that died out for years and went down hill and became boring except for Carnegie’s and two or three other places still open, now last couple years new places opening.

If it’s still fancy and high class, I’ll stick with Bob’s down the road. But it’s always good news if there are more options.

Fancy and high class? I think you got a little bit of everything like Carnegie’s is not either fancy or high class. Enough simple non high class and fun places also.

Bob’s is one of the live music places. Great they are right at the end of Anhe Road near Tea Bar and James Joyce Irish pub and a couple others.

Even Nomad Mexican food is just there

So when should we plan the first official unofficial Anhe Road pub crawl night?

Best pizza in Taipei, fact. Also stocked full of craft beers and cider if you’re into that. [Craft house](Craft House 手工啤酒和披薩 02 2377 0809

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Yes—at Zoca’s, just off Anhe Road!


Bob’s has been a long time favorite of mine due to the music scene and vaguely western dive kind of vibe. With Tea Bar and the newest JJ location joining it, it makes for an okay little walkable bar area. It’s hard for me to consider Carnegies or Craft House as places worth going to, though, and the area is way the hell down in the far southeast corner of the city. It’s a long haul for us northsider expats. Really only worth going clear down there if there’s a band I really want to see at Bob’s or JJ on the weekend, and they’ve been slow to bring that back since the Covid lockdown ended.

Now that you mention it Tianmu does not really stand out for “what’s happening.” Still a wonderful place though.


That’s for damned sure. Gotta head south for fun bars from here, it’s just a matter of how far south— if I’m going all the way to Anhe it has to be for the promise of a lot more fun than I’ll find in much closer places like Maji or Zhongshan.

I guess one plus is that the Red Line now takes you direct from points north to Xinyi-Anhe MRT Station—not too far from the action described in this thread.


“Action” is a stretch for that area. I’m just saying it would need to have a lot more to get me to want to go that far (whether by MRT or taxi/Uber) with any kind of regularity.