Animal abuse in Taiwan

When I googled animal abuse Taiwan, I found this article: … 8014/print

I was happy to read that Taiwan “has some of the world’s most comprehensive laws governing the treatment of animals”. However, the abuse continues, with the article adding that “while Taiwan has such comprehensive laws, many of them only exist on paper. The actual enforcement of the laws is another matter entirely. The Council of Agriculture (COA, 行政院農業會) works tirelessly to enforce the law, but with a mere six full-time animal inspectors employed to cover the whole of Taipei City and its environs and with even fewer to monitor other areas, it’s hardly surprising that little gets done.”

So, please keep up the efforts there because there is so much to be done. I for my part am doing my bit in Hong Kong to help these sad and unfortunate little creatures, but the magnitude of the problem is too big for me and just a few friends to tackle. We need all the help we can get.

I’m with you on this topic. There are also many on FORUMOSA who are concerned with animal welfare/awareness in Taiwan.
The main problem in Taiwan is that law enforcement is weak, no matter if the laws are in place or not. There is also another concern of people’s “faces(impression)”. :ohreally:

By the way, I’d like to know if I know of protests regarding abused animals, would someone like to join, locally, of course. That is, if you live in Taipei, if the protest/activity is in Tai-Chung, would you participate? Or would that location be too far? Just wondering. I can read Chinese quite well (I’m still learning) and speak fairly well. I’d like to see non-locals in these protests, that is if people have time. :smiley: