Animal abuse- The line between ignorance and malice

Is throwing stones at a crippled dog sprung by malice or ignorance?

  • Malice
  • Ignorance
  • Other(please explain your POV)

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In reference to the thread about soldiers throwing stones at a crippled dog, I wonder… Where is the line between ignorance and malice. Surely, the word malice exists for a reason. Is malice a product of ignorance? Is malice a result of lack of education? Or is it more than that?

I tend to think that malicious behavior is something independent from education and that it is unique to humans. But where does it come from? If lack of education leads a man to throw stones at a dog, then what leads the same from abusing, gang-raping, torturing a child for example? Is that a product of ignorance too, or is it classified as something else than ignorance, and why?

[quote=“Maoman”][/quote]Are you trying to define what a half-baked response is, here, boss? What does the original sin have to do with this? :bravo:

Edit: Wait a minute… I think I get it now. Maybe not that half-baked after all. Apologies for the sarcastic reply.