Animal friendly idioms


This is funny:

Peta managing to make itself look completely ridiculous.


How can words be harmful? And how could they harm some living being that cannot understand them anyway? Is Peta actually an organization that raises awareness on the risk of human inbreeding by giving a platform to people who are the result of generations of endogamy?


You can tell it was created by vegans because of the egg idiom. And they wonder why everyone takes the piss out of them.


Basically they do take the piss because PETA would rather kill pets than have them as slaves of humans. They are beyond being a laughingstock, but going into negligence and criminal hypocrisy.

But taht si just my opinion.


Have you ever had someone on Facebook sharing pics of a doggie with a message like:“We found this puppy by the road, he was either abandoned or got lost… Please help us to find him a home, we cannot keep him so if no one adopts him we’ll have to kill him”.


Peta is like that, but on large scale.


When I first came to Taiwan I shared an apartment with an animal rights woman who brought home a stray puppy one night. I was not pleased about this, but I couldn’t do anything.

Anyway, Taiwan didn’t fit with her so a month later she quit her job and left - leaving me to deal with the bloody dog.


I don’t see any problem in advocating for non-violent language. But they should have explained the original context of the idioms, before suggesting alternatives.


In this case though, as mentioned, it is like the Spanish saying: the Devil is handing out rosaries.


We share an opinion. Whoop!

Between the lines: “I’m a freaking good person - better than you - and I saw this poor creature - and cause I am so righteously wonderful etc etc blah blah blah”


PETA really screwed the pooch on this one, so to speak.