Animal testing - list of companies and pet food

Are there any lists of companies in Taiwan that do and do not carry out animal testing (either directly or through a third party)?
Here are two lists containing companies in the west (some of which will get my business and ones carrying out testing will not).

Also what about pet food? Can anyone recommend any pet food that is not tested on animals.
In the above lists, there are companies that produce animal food who do not partake in animal testing.

What are the laws in Taiwan over animal testing and are there groups opposed to it? I can’t imagine it is policed well.
I saw something dated in 2002 about having more trained Vets on site.

I came across this and hope it never materialized:

[quote]26 December, 2006
Local media reported Sunday that a Taiwanese pharmacologist working for AstraZeneca in the US is encouraging the setting up a pre-clinical trial animal testing labs in Taiwan to attract outsourcing contracts from global pharmaceutical companies.

Tzeng Tsang-Bin, senior director of the Clinical Pharmacology Department of AstraZeneca, headquartered in Delaware, told a recent meeting of Taiwanese investors and trade representatives in New York that the time was right for Taiwan to promote itself as an animal testing center and attract outsourcing contracts from international pharmaceutical companies. Such firms were increasingly outsourcing clinical trial work overseas, he stated. With a qualified work force including high quality management, Taiwan has an advantage in entering this business, he said.

Tzeng reportedly made a recent trip to Taiwan to visit science and technology parks as well as the export processing zone in Kaohsiung. He said he was impressed by the facilities as well as government incentives for investors. [/quote]

Just curious, but why do you object to pet food being tested on animals? I’d be quite happy to know my food has been tested on humans. At least I’ll know it tastes OK.

I remember reading that article. It’s certainly depressing how foreign companies outsource their shameful stuff to places with lax laws; animal testing laws in US/Europe are pretty useless to being with, so it’s hard to imagine what the equivalents (if they exist at all) are like in Taiwan. Does anyone here know if there are such laws?

Giving an animal a finished pet food to see if it likes it is one thing.
Having an animal in a cage and testing on it for months on end and maybe causing serious injury or death before they get their product right is something I don’t feel comfortable with.
It’s not only the food. The company (or the company that owns them) may be selling other products that as well as pet food is tested on pets.
There are companies who do not test on animals and produce pet food. I would rather give them my money.

seen how this is how a huge percent of dog owners (never mind monkey/pig etc owners) keep their pets. I am totally ignorant as to the letter of the law here, but if they get away with cages along the street, i dont want to know what is allowed behind locked doors.