Animal Welfare in Taiwan - Time for action!

I see many people on this forum want to change the way animals are treated here. I wonder if you’re all willing to put your money where your mouth is.

I was honoured to meet with Dr Jane Goodall at the weekend, and she was very interested in the stray dog situation in Taiwan, as well as certain other issues.

I mentioned to her that many people are willing to help bring about a change. Dr Goodall suggested that we form some form of organization dedicated to the improvement of animal welfare in Taiwan, and she would happily lend her support. She wants to make it part of her highly successful Roots ‘n’ Shoots program:

So, people, if you’re interested in putting your ideas into action, throwing money at the problem, or offering some of your free time to actually making a change, drop me an email:

Let’s meet up ASAP. The ball is rolling, and you can help it along its way! I know there are plenty of us out there who, once properly organized, can make a big difference to the animal welfare situation on the island.

I look forward to hearing from you.


I’d be willing to offer whatever I can to a project like this… What do you have in mind?..

What do I have in mind? Well, I hope that by getting everyone together, we can work that out betwen us. Personally, the things I would like to see implemented are as follows:

  1. the setting up of a proper, well-publicized spaying-and-neutering program

  2. educating locals (and some foreigners) as to responsible pet ownership

  3. a Web site, in English and Chinese, that serves as a resource for anybody with pet problems, for people who have found an animal and need to know where they can take it or how they can re-home it, etc.

This is just a start; where we go from there would depend entirely on our resources. The sky’s the limit, if you ask me.

So, which forum?

Three very good ideas, especially as at least the first two could possibly receive funding through the roots & shoots organization, assuming Goodall wasn’t just being diplomatic with you.
It sounds ideal. Hard action, possibly involving subsidies to vets willing to take part – many of them are already happy to spay and neuter strays, and some also take responsibility for homing them if possible. I can think of one in Muzha right off the top of my head (I’ll try to remember the address – its on Xinlong Rd not far from the Beijing Duck place on Mushin Rd.)
I’m sure there are others. Ask Juba.
Children’s education could easily be covered as part of the Roots & Shoots thing, I’d have thought.
Also, with such backing – even if it’s just on paper – it could gain enough legitimacy to make it interesting to City Hall.
This is actually maybe the first idea in this area that sounds as if it could really go someplace. :bravo:

Good to hear!

Dr Jane was very serious about this: she asked to speak to us, not vice versa, and it was she who suggested we get moving, and it was also she who promised she would address our group during her next visit, which is some time next year.

She hopes we can get all the like-minded people/organizations together for an animal welfare day. She offered half a day of her time, which is extremely generous, I think, but no surprise at all - Jane Goodall is tireless in her campaign against animal cruelty.

She has also put us in touch with Jill Robinson in Hong Kong. You can read all about her here:

I agree with you, Sandman; this is something that is just waiting to happen. There will be obstacles, for certain, and I don’t promise it will be an easy ride, but imagine how you’ll all feel in several years time knowing that you made a positive change for animal welfare in a country listed by PETA as one of the worst in the world in that department.

I suggest our first meeting at Grandma Nitti’s, as Rainbow, the owner, has been very active in rescuing abandoned animals in the past. Any suggestions, though, are very welcome.

Believe me, I got involved in animal rescue while in the U.S.; it was hard, dirty, smelly, hot, depressing, unpaid work, 25 hours per week, but I am yet to find a more rewarding, satisfying cause for which to dedicate my energy.

Right, people, drop me a line, or, better, post here, and let’s do something. I’ll be at the happy hour tomorrow if anyone wants to get some ideas together.

Thanks for the support, guys.


p.s. With regard to the vets, I think that if we encouraged people, especially foreigners, to patronize those vets that are actively involved in our program, the vets would be rewarded, I should hope, with a rise in revenue.

Taipei City government already offers a NT$1,500 rebate to anybody that gets their dog neutered or spayed, but no one seems to know about it. That’s almost half the cost back in many cases.

It would be great if we could get vets to do it cheaper still, so that, with the rebate, persons who took a street dog to get neutered or spayed may only have to pay a fee of NT$500, or even less.

Any more suggestions?

I think we/you have to avouid being a group of foreigners lecturing the locals. So make sure it’s not a foreigner organisation.


Stray Dog, you know I’m in. Just let me know when the first meeting will be held.

Excellent idea, especially about getting a resource base of all the vets willing to do spaying-neutering for free, as there are quite a few out there who do it out of the kindness of their hearts, and a bilingual site would be great step forward.

Good one, Sean! :bravo:

[Incidentally, there will be an interview with Jill Robinson of Animals Asia in the January issue of LIVE magazine (, if anyone is interested using related material for ESL teaching.]

EDIT: Changed magazine issue to correct month!

I’d love to help somehow. I have a friend who I’m quite sure would as well.

Hi Stray Dog,

Count me in. I’ve already started working on animal welfare on my own.


I’m so glad someone is finally doing something! I have an idea - what about organising a rally in Taipei with big banners, t-shirts and buttons. You can sell t-shirts and buttons whilst handing out pamphlets teaching people how to treat animals properly. Maybe also some info about which breeds of cats / dogs are best for apartments and which are not. If the animals don’t become a problem, less people will throw them out. A lot of animal cruelty in Taiwan is due to the lack of education about pets.

Tell us where and when - we’ll be there!


This is an idea that appeals to me tremendously.

However, to bring everyone back to earth (not as a spoil sport, but as a realist)… there are several problems that jump out at me immediately.

  1. Stray Dog has already mentioned that while this might well be a labor of love for many of us, it is nonetheless WORK. I’d hate to see something get started up only to fizzle out shortly after. That would make it difficult for the next group of people who come along with a similar idea.

  2. Facilities? What exactly are we talking abut here? I envision a shelter where dogs would be cared for until homed. That takes money and resources… and time. Volunteer time… and who is permitted to volunteer their time, if they have it?

  3. All these tie in together… As Brian mentioned, this cannot be solely or even primarily a foreign endeavor. It must have local involvement at the top level/s.

  4. Licenses and permits???

Well, I hope to be at the Happy Hour tomorrow. Look forward to discussing this further.

For reference, here is a site that is dedicated to Shar Pei Dogs… but the site administrator and several of the members operate rescues.

Here is a short discussion re rescuing from the above site.

First, there are already numerous threads about this issue. Do a search for “dog” and collect all the threads.
Moreover, don’t think that Taiwan is bereft of any animal welfare organizations.
Don’t try to re-invent the wheel here.

In Taipei, there’s the Taipei Municipal Institute for Animal Health. The Web page is

The Animal Protection Association of the ROC
TEL: (02) 2931-8464

Environment and Animal Society of Taiwan
Mr Wu Hung
Fax: + 886 2 2239 7634

Taipei Abandoned Animal Rescue Foundation
Ms Mina Sharpe
Fax: + 886 2 873 1641

Life Conservationist Association

ooh, or an Adopt-a-Stray type of thing, if we could coordinate with a non-euthanasing shelter, where people who don’t want a dog of their own could pay for the upkeep of one, and get cute pics of happy dogs and maybe a little doggie passport thing in return – EVERY girl in my office would go for that! :slight_smile:

Of course, that would only work for mange-free CUTE dogs, we need to think of something else for the ugly three-legged curs . . . :ponder:

for ref see

I am sure that in Taipei these organisations exist, maybe even in the other big cities in Taiwan. BUT, there is a huge problem in Yilan - and there is no organisation that helps stray animals. Maybe it is time to blow this ‘puppy’ sky high and get a huge organisation involved! If there is an island-wide drive it just might have a chance.

There are animals in other parts of Taiwan too that desperately need our help.


Oops, I didn’t read the whole two pages.

Yes, connection to the higher ups would help. As would connection to other animal organizations.

I sent Mayor Ma a letter a few months ago about homeless animals in Taibei. Didn’t hear back.

I am willing to help and devote time to the project. Can you tell us how you got the opportunity to meet Dr. Goodall? I really admire her.

Well, I knew that this would get some response; I know there are many people and organizations out there with a passion about this kind of thing.

I propose meeting up this weekend at a time that’s convenient for most. I’ll ask Rainbow if we can take over part of Grandma Nitti’s during the down-time.

Thanks very much to Forumosa and particularly Maoman; we can do so much more with your support, so it’s much appreciated.

Brian and Tigerman, I agree that the last thing we want is to be seen as meddling foreigners. I hope (and am sure) that at least half of our numbers would be locals. There are many, many Taiwanese that would love to throw some weight behind this.

Eric, I knew you’d be in! Watch this thread for details of our first meeting. For those of you that don’t know Eric, this is something he and I have been meaning to set up for a long time and is based mainly on his ideas.

Street Dog, thanks for the support and great ideas. I hope you’ll come to the first meeting and help us implement them.

TS, that’s great to hear. See you at the meeting. There will be many different ways of helping; we need to establish what resources and skills we have available to us at the meeting, so let us know what you can bring to the table.

914, great to meet someone else that’s already doing something. I’m sure you can see that, with a supportive, organized network around you, you’ll be able to achieve so much more. I am certain we can (and need to) make this a national network that connects to the other organizations that are doing something. See you at the weekend.

Pixie, great ideas. Start to think what we’d need to do first and we can discuss it at the weekend. Thanks for your support!

Tigerman, we need people like you to keep our feet firmly on the ground. I’m not sure if setting up a shelter should be our first step, but it is certainly a goal that we should keep in sight for the long term. I hope that, by tackling the problem at its root, the need for adequate shelters in Taiwan would hopefully become less of a neccessity. But all this can be discussed at the meeting. I know we can count on your legal expertise to help smooth the way for this thing to happen. Thank you.

Europa, OK, you’re in! Thank you. I met Dr Jane via the cancelled beach clean-up event, which, because of the typhoon, ended up as a small group attending a talk by Jane at her hotel. Like you, I have considered Jane Goodall an idol for as long as I can remember. It was an honour to meet her; she is a very inspirational woman. Hence, this thread!

Magnolia, thanks for the support. A sponsored walk is a great idea, as it would give us exposure, raise money and awareness, and we could all bring our dogs along. It’s particularly selfless of you, as I know you’ll be walking in heels, which can be murder for a girl, I know!

Wolf, thanks very much for posting those links. What I hope to achieve is for all these organizations to be communicating with each other whilst also getting exposure they may not otherwise have got. Of course, one large network will be able to achieve so much more than separate groups. As for the homeless people issue, I will fully support you if start something to help these poor people. There are so many ways we can make the world a better place. I choose to help dogs and other animals because that’s where my passion lies. But, as I said, I’ll support any good cause, so let me know if you get something started.

So, let’s meet up at the weekend. When can you guys make it? Or not make it?



Sunday works best for me. Either that or Saturday night after 7 or so.