Animals are Smarter than Jack

The thread title is the title of a book by Jenny Campbell. Really good read I think. It was written to help animals and so far they have raised 180 000US. New Zealand 280 000.

The people involved in this project believe that animals are able to think and have emotions just like we do. What they did is they simply asked people to submit short stories about their pets. Stories that shows how animals are really smart.

They will have another book eventually and they are still asking for short stories. It doesn’t have to be like “The smartest dog ever” kind of story. Just something special your pet does. Doesn’t matter if it’s a dog, a cat, a snake, a horse, etc

They need more stories to raise more funds and who knows, maybe your story will be published!

I will start with a quote from the book and I will add my own story later. It’s the first one in the book and it’s called
Fair Exchange.

[quote]While I was preparing for a garage sale a neighbor dropped in with a carton of cuddly toys. Susie, my ten years old silky terrier, gave the toys a quick inspection. She decided on a white teddy bear almost as big as herself, took it by the arm, gently removed it from the box and placed it on her favorite matt. Susie then picked up her small, much worse for wear rag-dog, and placed it in the box.

Daphne Maconachie
Atherton, Queensland