Animals Seeking Homes

These puppies are available for adoption. Contact Dr Simon Kuo.
Chung Shan North Road
Section 6
No. 314
Tel: 02-28315677, 28383448

These puppies are available for adoption at Yang Ming Veterinary Hospital in Tienmu, Tienmu East Road, No. 1-6, Tel: 02-2872-6911

I have updated several of the photos and information in this thread. Please take a look - you’ll be amazed! See Ratty on the first page, for instance.

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p.s. Havilina, could you resize your pictures? They’re distorting the layout and interrupting the space-time continuum, and we all know what that will do! :astonished:

While visiting a dog shelter last weekend, I was totally taken with the friendliness of this beautiful mixed-breed female (left picture). She was just so happy to see me, but was not noisy or demanding attention. She will be available for adoption in a month or so, after her pups are old enough to be homed. If you want to get a good idea of what character a pup will have, it is important to meet the parents - well, if their mum is anything to go by, these pups are going to be a wonderful addition to any family and endearing lifelong friends.

Call me today to come meet them: 0913 708 527

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Adopt Me

Name: Chance

Breed: Black-and-Tan Mixed Breed

Location: Bali, Nr. Danshui, N. Taiwan

Age: 3 yrs

Sex: Female

Spayed/Neutered: No

Description: Chance was brought into our care after being hit by a car. Her pelvis was badly broken. She is now recovering and is already up on her feet and eager to make friends. She is extremely well-behaved, gentle, and loving. Chance hopes that her good luck will continue and you will give her the kind of home that she deserves. A very sweet dog, and one that we feel will make an excellent companion.

Contact: Sean

0913 708 527 / 02 2936 4499

Spooky! Chance is the doppelganger of my Kali, even down to the blotches on her tongue!

Spooky indeed! Can you fill us in as to the great character of these dogs? :wink: She really is beautiful and, apart from her healing pelvis, in excellent condition.

Spooky indeed! Can you fill us in as to the great character of these dogs?[/quote]
Kali was well-behaved – most of the time :wink: Seldom barked except if the doorbell went, was good with the cats (but raised with them, so that probably helped), accepted training fairly well, ran like the wind, was a very good retriever, tough as an old boot, didn’t like swimming for some reason, was a bit nervous around strangers but soon got used to people. She was a good friend to me for 15 years. She sits in a brown envelope on my sideboard now :frowning:, protected by a Buddhist sutra book.

That’s easy to see. She really does look good.

Adopt Us!

Breed: Mixed breed

Location: Muzha (Taipei)

Age: 6 - 10 yrs

Sex: Male and Female

Spayed/Neutered: No

Description: We are a comical pair guaranteed to bring a smile to your face every day! We love to cuddle or go for long walks. We can learn to love cats, and we’re very good with kids. We’ve had all our shots and are both in good health despite not being pups any more. We are very easy to care for, and well-behaved in the house. All we ask is to be loved and kept together in our golden but very active years. Adoption fee required.

Contact: Sean 0913 708 527

To all the animal lovers out there, I found a very handsome Husky with a brown and blue eye near my house yesterday. Currently he is staying at a vet clinic. He’s a bit under weight, but other than that he’s healthy (according to the vet). He’s very friendly and gentle, who really needs a good home with lots of space. I would keep him but I already have a puppy plus I live in a very small apartment. It’s just not big enough for him. He’s between 1 to 2 years of age. Please call me as soon as possible if you are interested…0925199305 Victoria

I can vouch for this dog. If anyone would like to some see it, I can take you there. I’ll also transport him to your house, get his shots up to date, etc.

Thank you!

Sean … 3f85ccf9d1

tommy, e-mail the pic to me and I’ll post it for you. :wink:

I assume the vet scanned him for a chip???

Yes … none there.

He’s a beaut! Needs a bit of meat on his bones, but it’s nothing a good home can’t fix. :slight_smile:

Tonight I nearly ran over a male cocker spaniel (I’ll call him Roadie) which was trotting about in rush hour traffic on Minquan E. Rd. in Taipei, oblivious to the many cars nearly hitting him (clearly, a pet until recently, not a long-time stray).

I managed to use my motorscooter to herd Roadie off the road, then when I tried catching him, I inadvertently herded him into a dog groomer’s salon, where he let me pet him - nice dog, friendly! The groomer, a Miss Chen Mingming, helped me take him to a vet, who agreed he looks to be in good health, and who checked him for an owner’s chip (nope). So we have an apparently purebred, healthy-looking cocker spaniel, white with brown patches, available for adoption. As a bonus, the groomer even volunteered to give Roadie a free bath and trimming if anyone wants to adopt him! :bravo:

I’ve got him staying at the vet’s; I’ll take pics tomorrow, or Fri. after the grooming, and post them here – stay tuned for the further adventures of Roadie!

Post the pics by PM request only please. DO NOT post spaniel pics where I might see them! :frowning:

'Cause you won’t be able to resist adopting him? But that’s the whole point, my friend! :slight_smile: Ok, well, consider this fair warning: don’t open this thread again! :stuck_out_tongue:

Dragonbabe and I took Roadie for a walk today. BOY, that dog is frisky, happy and energetic!!! If anyone’s looking for a dog to help their son or another dog run off some energy, or needs a good excuse to get out for a brisk walk everyday to get in shape or lose weight, this pup’s your chance! :slight_smile: And he’s gonna be real purty after his grooming tomorrow.