Animals Taiwan Amazing Spring Clean

Animals Taiwan Amazing Spring Clean :sunglasses: :thanks:

Spring is at our doorstep and the animals at AT would like your help to get them ready for summer.

We are organizing a major spring cleaning of the centre, which will include
sweeping, washing, scrubbing, moving, re-arranging, tree cutting, fixing, dog walking, photo taking

We really need some “Handy” people, good with hammers, saws and has a logical mind. We need fences fixed, doors fixed, mosquito netting put up.

Place: Animals Taiwan Rescue Centre (a map and directions can be emailed to you)

Time: 11am to 5pm (with pizza and drinks at 1:30pm)

Date: Sunday April 10th 2011

Please email if you are able to come and how many of you there will be. Also if you have any special skills, such as electrical knowledge or building knowledge, Or if you have any tools you can bring to help, (gloves, brooms, dustpans, hammers, drills, etc)

The furries are looking foward to a sparkling centre!!








Anyone in for a taxi pool? PM me.