Anime, retro games, arcades and geek stuff in Taipei

Hi! Will visit Taipei in 2 weeks and i wonder where i can find all those things. There is little information about all gaming or geek stuff or it is outdated. Thanks!

A search here should turn up some. The Taipei City Mall underground behind Taipei station should hit all your bases. There’s one specifically retro game store towards the end of the mall on the south side (left side as you head away from Taipei Station). Pricey though. There’s also the Wan Nian Building on Emei Street in Ximending.

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Thank you very much!

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I like to go to the guanhua technology plaza when I’m bored. You might be interested in that.

Thanks! Will check!

@Marco925 and I went to Continue gaming bar. It’s pretty cool, it’s a bar with lots of consoles and games. They have food and drinks, PS4, Switch, Xbox and even a VR set.

It’s close to Guanhua tech plaza and the newer syntrend mall with lots of tech stuff.