Anime Shops

I know there must be some around, there are a few movies I’d like to pick up and haven’t run into any places that have them. Help.

What are you looking for? I have Jin Roh(

yo okami,

one of my roommates is on an earnest search for anime; do you have any addresses for these stores, or at least street names?


You just have to go and look. That’s how I usually find everything. Try Guanghua Shichang, underneath the overpass are a lot of shops selling videos. Finding Anime in English is a lost cause so, you’re Chinese subtitle reading ability or Japnese listening ability better be up to par.

Honestly, a trip to Hong Kong to Tsim Sha Tsui and Golden computer market will solve most of your problems and they’re usually in English to boot. I usually try to get my fix there every 3-6 months. Works out well with my visa runs and western food cravings.

Wher’s my book? You been too busy chasing women? Damn swingers!!


PS about looking, I literally go down streets and alleys all over Taipei city and county looking for new things. Time consuming, but considering a working yellow pages does not exist here, it can be incredibly productive.

Funny, that’s one of the titles I keep looking for. I bought the boxed set in the U.S., but I’d like to get an uncut boxed set. Chinese subtiles would fine fine for anything I’m looking for.

We’ll have to go hunting one of these days then.

your book…

the very roomie who’s into anime is reading it…after i told her (and my other roommate) about it, they were enticed to read it as well. one day we’ll bump into each other at game club so i can return it and so we can discuss.

quite an interesting read; i wouldn’t be at my current school had the book’s precepts not helped me through a sticky situation. thanks