Annette Lu's comments on AIDS

Does anyone have any thoughts on Annette Lu’s comments on AIDS? Basically, she said that AIDS patients should be kept in “special villages”, segregated from the rest of society, and that AIDS was a punishment handed down from the gods. Does this sound like the human rights advocate that she purports to be? At the same time that Chen Shui-bian is pushing for his “human rights bill”, supporting gay marriage/adoption, etc., it seems really sad that stuff like this has to come popping out of that harpy’s mouth. :imp:

If she really did say that I’ll be very disappointed. It’s things like this, among many other things, that gives Chen reasons for choosing a different running mate.

There’s an article about it in today’s Taipei Times. She, of course, later says that her remarks were “misinterpreted,” but I think what she said is quite clear, and for a supposedly educated and enlightened women to spew that kind of bullsh*t is ridiculous, especially since it seems to fly in the face of the human rights legislation that her “boss” is trying to push through the legislature.

Well, soon I suppose she’ll be out of a job anyway. From what I understand not many people really pay attention to what she says anyway.

Certainly when she said “special villages” she meant gated luxury villas with swimming pools and golf courses.

According to the Taipei Times, she’s issued a clarification: “According to the statement Lu’s remark was meant to point out the lack of a strong ethical stance on sexual behavior and the lack of a willingness to reform.”

No, but it does sound exactly the drooling, lolling-headed buffoon that she most certainly is. The woman’s nothing but a clown and a liability.

Certainly when she said “special villages” she meant gated luxury villas with swimming pools and golf courses.

According to the Taipei Times, she’s issued a clarification: “According to the statement Lu’s remark was meant to point out the lack of a strong ethical stance on sexual behavior and the lack of a willingness to reform.”[/quote]

i’m sure that makes sense to children and babies with AIDS :unamused:

that fool of a woman’s rantings are here in case you missed the article…

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loon, clown and liability, yes! sandman right on!

i read that today while sitting down and I immediately stood up and puked the entire quote into the garbge bin. What a fool she is! She couched in terms like PEOPLE SAY THAT THIS IS A punishment from the gods…but she repeated it anyway. sad. sick. foolish.

she will NOT be the VP candidunce now. out out brief candle!

(she sounded like a rightwing evangelist from the West who also claim AIDS is punishment from Jesus… sickies!)

I’m glad she made those remarks, because anything that can add to her already substantial accumulation of discredit will increase the chances of her being removed from the presidential election stakes, and that can only be a good thing for Taiwan and anyone who lives here. Unfortunately, however, Chen seems inexplicably blind to the obvious need to get rid of the woman, and I fear he is going to ignore the deafening chorus of good advice and insist on keeping her as his running-mate regardless of the suicidal stupidity of doing so.

Well, that’s what they do with AIDS victims in Cuba, putting them in “special” villages. Cuba not so incidentally has one of the lowest rates of AIDS cases in the Caribbean. If you’ve got a plague, it makes sense to quarantine, no? I wouldn’t be against quarantining AIDS victims if it were feasible and I could be assured that they would be treated humanely (i.e., shuffled off to some nursing home with decent facilities). Did you have a problem with quarantining people during the SARS plague? If only someone had had the foresight to quarantine people in early '80s San Francisco, there would be 30 - 40 million less AIDS victims in this world.

Of course, the second half of her rant, about AIDS being a punishment from the gods, is ignorant and ugly. But I don’t necessarily disagree with the first part of what she said, tactless as she may have put it. The good of society as a whole comes before the interests of a few individuals.

This is different because one who knows he is HIV infected, if acting responsibly, has a pretty much zero chance of infecting anyone else. Someone with HIV who knowingly exposes others to infection through unprotected sex, sharing needles or giving blood does deserve to be locked up. Fortunately those folks are relatively rare, and can be dealt with without locking up large numbers of people who are acting responsibly. (At least this is true outside of Africa. The infection rates inside Africa are above 25% of the population in some areas. That is a plague.)

Maybe she should be quarantined. There’s a lot of cases of Foot In Mouth Disease going around these days.

Are you sure that it’s just a relatively rare minority? You can carry HIV for years without knowing it - there are carriers who never develop full-blown AIDS and don’t suffer, who can unwittingly pass it on to many others. If what you said is true about most AIDS victims being responsible and not transmitting it to others, then AIDS wouldn’t have exploded into the epidemic it became.

aids has been around twenty years or so. has the virulence been reducing? we never even see such a question addressed in the press, perhaps for good reason. aids is a living thing. it wants to live. if it burns through its hosts too quickly it will die out. over time, won’t we all be infected with aids? hopefully, as it continues its spread, it loses its virulence and becomes just another packet of what constitutes humaness.

listening to a spinster virgin on this matter is as sagacious as turning to a pedophile posing as a celibate for marital guidance.

take care of yourself and those you love.

yes, and with rumors saying Ms Lu is herself a lesbian and has had a longtime partner, and why not, more power to her, if that is her inclination, but to sink so low to blame it on the gods, even God herself, what shite! She will definitely NOT be on the ballot this time, ne worry pas, omni. That was her last act.



I said knowingly. What people don’t know is a moot point for the argument of sending away HIV infected people to special camps, since one would need to know someone is infected to do so. Whether testing should be mandatory or not is another can of worms.

AIDS is called SIDA in Quebec. In Russia it is called BERSNA. In Greece, it is called SHIRA. in Japan it is called AIDSU. Why is it called AY EYE DEE ESS here? isn’t there a Chinese word for it? Like diabetes is called TAN NIAO BIN. Why can’t we call AIDS/SIDA by its Chinese name?

It’s called aizibing. Aizi sounds like “ides” as in “the ides of March” plus bing as in Bing Crosby.


In order to “lose its virulence” there needs to be some survival advantage TO THE HIV VIRUS STRAINS in doing so, i.e., increasing spread rate or something similar. There isn’t. HIV kills slowly enough that it already isn’t particularly “virulent” – sure, it’s a death sentence, but only after a decade or more for the soon-to-be-deceased to spread it around.

One thing that has happened is that strains of AIDS in the United States have self-selected for their ability to infect colonic tissue. The strains which had an easier time of it tended to be more successful in spreading and establishing themselves, since it has mostly been spread by male homosexuals engaging in anal sex.

Because on an English-language board like this one, nobody would know what the f*ck you’re talking about. You yourself didn’t know how to say it until Juba answered your question.