"Annexation of Taiwan through economic means"

The phrase is from a Lee Teng-hui editorial in today’s Taipei Times (see link). Is it accurate? In what light should the TaiShang (台商) be regarded?

taipeitimes.com/News/editori … 2003303685

Well, as it has been many times posted here, the Taiwanese businessman attitude makes that so easy that it is not understandable why China still didn’t do it - according to some officials in China, they predict that 1 week of embargo on Taiwan would be enough for capitulation.

1 week might still take too long for their eyes and that’ll very likely shift all investments (what’s left of the money left in Taiwan) to shift elsewhere.

I believe they wanted all the money, which in turn will basically mean they control Taiwan’s economy and not the other way around.

[quote=“Atrabilious”]The phrase is from a Lee Teng-hui editorial in today’s Taipei Times (see link). Is it accurate? In what light should the TaiShang (台商) be regarded?

taipeitimes.com/News/editori … 2003303685[/quote]

We should allow Taiwanese to live peaceful and happy lives. Not only that, we should also attract people from around the world who want to come to this paradise of freedom to live, start businesses and invest so that they can share in our investment and cultural environment.

An excellent paragraph from LTH’s speech :bravo: :bravo: . Unfortunately, many factions in the DPP, the mid-echelons of the KMT (the administrative drones), and many business people don’t seem to want to make it an easy process for foreigners.

chewy, I have to say you are absolutelly right - investing in Taiwan must be one of the most painfull things I experienced in my life.

I get the impression that the anti-unification press would like to say harsher things about China-based capitalists but can’t get up the nerve. (How does one say “sweatshop” in Mandarin?) In any case, “economic annexation” seems to be an emerging motif:

“[T]he deep dependence of Taiwan’s economy and trade on China has become its Achilles heel. Through such dependence, China has been able to actively carry out a new strategy of annexing Taiwan by economic means, attempting to lure us into its trap.”

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…that’s why all this DPP crap about the dangers of becoming part of the greater china economic bloc (i.e. isolationist policy) is such bullshit; if China wanted to strangle taiwan, it has more than enough economic options to bring taiwan to its heels, ruin the stock market, real estate market, and cause an instant depression which would make the 1930s in the US look like a picnic.

…the simple reason is that the deep greens power base depends directly on enmity with china, the real reason for the isolationist “active management” policy. Cos they know once direct lnks are established, and everyone realises there was nothing to worry about, and the economy blossoms, there’s no way they can turn back. Less enmity, less support, smaller power base.

yeah, nothing wrong with hating china - plenty of reason to bitch about the abuses etc. But one might just as well hate the phenomenon of ignorance. & Methinks if you want to point the finger, the US & western Europe are equally responsible for all the missiles pointing this way - after all, who is really under-pinning the one china policy?

The real reason why there cannot be direct links with the mainland, according to unmarried self-proclaimed feminist Annette Lu :smiley: :


As the LY barely avoided a battle over the vote to amend the direct links regulations, VP Annette Lu made this shocking statement at a panel discussion on the recent CPP-KMT Economic Forum: "If there are direct flights between the two sides, then Taiwan businessmen will buy assets in the mainland, and after getting Er Nai there (relationship with a second woman for pay unbeknownst to legal wife in Taiwan), they will even get San Nai (third woman), therefore the direct flights absolutely cannot be made.[/quote]

Well, she is without any doubt protecting the interests of the Taiwanese woman… What she is claiming is that with direct flights to China, in the end, even more money will be moved from Taiwan to there. Then, the economy will get worse and, believe me or not, it will be DPP fault, even if they is allready out of the office.

Because everything bad in this country has something to do with DPP, no?

Anyway, zeugmite, what you absolutelly missed in that speech was the fact that it is made for women to understand what will really happen if there is more freedom to businessman to ravel to China - even if the CCP declares prostitution illegal, the fact is that there are many towns around the big centers known as concubine cities… In the end, she is trying to advert women about a reality - not some fairytale. And if for you it is just a stupidity, for money housewifes it is not.

Yes, mr_boogie. Thank god Vice-President Lu is here to protect Taiwanese women.

Along similar lines, I can only hope that soon, a law will passed that will prevent European spouses from being able to hold ownership of their bank accounts in Taiwan. I’m concerned about the temptations that Taiwan must represent to European ex-pats with significant savings. For the protection of Taiwanese morality, control of all cash must be placed firmly in the hands of their more responsible Taiwanese wives.

EDIT: Special waiver will apply for expats who can prove most of their income is invested in alcoholic drinks.

I’ll support this as long as I can claim it as a tax deduction. Think of how much ‘tourist’ revenue could be generated and make the local gov.'s tourism efforts look good…

cctang, we are talking about 2 different things…

how many taiwanese businessman lost money (and some more than that) when engaging with relationships with Chinese woman? There are too many stories for it to not to be true. Also, not us forget that special CCP agency to take care of the TW bizman as soon as they arrive in China.

All this was made to be a simple speech to give to housewifes - don’t make it bigger than that…

If direct links were opened up, then Taiwanese men could come home in the evening (in about the same time it takes to drive from Taipei to Chungli or Hsinchu) and spend some more time with their wives. Right now, they have to stay there the whole week, and even then, if they want to come home at the weekend, they have to spend most of that weekend travelling.

So dear Annette, you clearly don’t know much about about male sexuality - all those lonely nights on the mainland - what do you think is going to happen? But then our dear Annette doesn’t seem to know much about the whole subject of sex. Remember when that gay party got busted on Linsen Bei Lu and two of them were found to be HIV positive? she proclaimed to the media “anyone with AIDS has incurred God’s punishment”. Yeah Annette, try telling that to all the poor little kids in Africa next time you’re trying to buy recognition through cheque book diplomacy.