Annie's English School

Anyone work here recently? Most of the posts about it are 5-15 years old. I had an interview with them a few days ago and it seemed ok, pretty academic but the kids seemed generally happy. Would love to hear some other experiences. I also have interviews coming up at Columbia English and California Language Center, if anyone has opinions there.

I have a friend who worked at Annie’s. Said it was good, paid vacation and plenty of hours. And very smart kids. Which branch are you interviewing at?

For California, are you interviewing at the Linkou branch? That’s a smaller school and hasn’t been around as long. So, depends what you’re looking for.

Thanks for the response. They want me out at their Luzhou branch. I had my “interview” (actually a demo lesson…only a demo lesson) at California a couple of days ago and I wasn’t super charmed, so I think I’ll be going with Annie’s.

What was it about them that didn’t charm you? $750/hr is a good rate that they offer. What does Annie’s offer?

Just my own personal feelings, there weren’t any huge issues with the school. I didn’t spend that long talking with him, but the supervisor reminded me of a boss I had a couple years ago, very exacting, “my way or the highway” kind of guy, someone I had a lot of trouble working for. I got the feeling that they were looking for a really high energy, super active teaching style, which isn’t my thing. Additionally, they were pretty unorganized, gave me the wrong materials for my demo, and managed to lose one of my certificates (I had to come back after checking my bag and help them look for it for like 15 more minutes - we did find it, lol).

The pay is better than Annie’s, and I’m sure there are a lot of people that would do really well in that environment, I just don’t think I’m one of them.