Announcement: Dangermouse is toast!

Be on your guard, young rodent, be on your guard!

Don’t start a practical joke war with Buttercup. She has already donned her tinfoil thinking cap.

I always thought of him as more of a teacake. I think it’s the ears.

Teacakes have ears?

i know the real reason you wear your tin foil ‘thinking’ hat…

it’s one of these, isn’t it?

and have a look at the wonderful things that hat can do for you…

No. Why would I want to stop it?

‘Distant Fingers’ Patti Smith
When, when will you be landing?
When, when will you return?
Feel, feel my heart expanding
You and your alien arms

All my earthly dreams are shattered,
I’m so tired I quit
Take me forever, it doesn’t matter
Deep inside of your ship.

La, la la la la la landing.
Please, oh oh won’t you return?
Feel, see your blue lights are flashing,
You and your alien arms

Deep in the forest I whirl like I did as a little girl
Let my eyes rise in the sky looking for you
Oh you know, I would go anywhere at all
'Cause no star is too far with you, with you

aah, but i think patti was allegorising … she actually meant it as a homage to david bowie, in his ziggy days.

Quick! Somebody get a bucket of cold water!

really? I take everything literally, as DM and his evil consort well know. :stuck_out_tongue:

David Bowie would do, I suppose. Didn’t really like that ginga thing he had going on.

A crumpet? You can toast those, so he could be both.

tmwc thinks DM is a nice bit of crumpet. hehehe

does not equal (where is the key for that?)

i think DM is probably more like this:

still can’t see the crumpet thing…

Am I in trouble or something?