Annoying Habits

My assistant at work has this habit. . .

whenever I speak with her. . .

of repeating everything I say. . .

in short phrases. . .

as if she were doing simultaneous translation. . .

from English to English.

You know how sometimes a telephone will have an infuriating echo, so it’s hard to concentrate on what you’re about to say, because the phone is constantly repeating what you just said? When that happens to me I’ll usually hang up, call again and hope for a better connection. Well this is the same way, except I can’t hang up and call again. In response, I find myself speaking to her in short phrases and pausing between them, so she can assimilate it, repeat it, and get ready for the next phrase.

Ughhhh. :runaway:

It’s not that her English is bad. It’s fairly decent. Certainly a lot better than my Chinese, and I give her due credit for that. It’s just that she’s a damn annoying habit of repeating every frickin word that I say.

How about you? Encountered any annoying habits lately?

It seems that she doesn’t have good memory technique! :slight_smile:

I am annoyed by my flatmate’s habbit.

She leaves light and TV on when she is not in the room. She leaves ther PC on when she doesn’t use it. She often forgets turning off lights, TV and PC off when she leaves home.

I have to check eveything behind her.

My pet hate is when you ask someone an either/or question and they answer “yes”.

Oh yeah, I get that a lot, too. And when they start a sentence with ‘You told me 2 weeks ago but I forgot already …’ my blood starts boiling.

And using my desk phone to pick up or make calls (which are, of course, noisy and long). It’s not a fucking phone booth. :fume:

I am annoyed by my neighbour’s hobbit. That little creep, with his fat hairy feet… always leaving footprints in the butter.

Locals saying “dwei, dwei, dwei” after they’ve just said something, as if to convince or reassure themselves that what they just said to you was correct.

My friend’s gf likes to read his emails and phone messages without his knowing.

I see tremendous scope for fun.


That’s the spirit! Always look on the bright side!

I’ve had to ask three of my co-workers to turn off their radios or listen to headphones. One has an MBA, and the other two are engineers.

I hate noisy eaters and I can’t escape them!

I loathe humanoids that trim their toenails or floss their teeth right smack in the middle of an office environment.
Such scum usually leave their noxious detritus in close proximity to the vile, despicable deeds.

Any maintenance of bodily apparatus should be readily carried out in a private place, in my own biased opinion. Especially when said foul perps are of foreign extraction, and have endless complaints about Taiwanese propriety.

Who the cap fits,… :grandpa:

People who use the speaker phone in the office when they don’t need to, thus forcing coworkers in cubicles one or two away to listen to their conversation, often at high volume, which makes it hard to do one’s own work. Speaker phones are for times when there are two or more listeners in the same cubicle, a conference call of sorts. They’re not so you can do your effin’ nails while you take a call. :fume:

Office toads who shout across the entire office with their ridiculous cack which is Boydarin/Kittynese interspersed with about 30% of Chinglish malapropisms.

‘shenme shenme shenme report shenme cussomer service shenme helicopter, ma?’
'shenme shenme sna ke shenme shenme Post It shenme meeting, lo!
'DDDDDUIIIIII AHHHHH!!! shenme shenme coffee machine shenme shenme tao yan shen me shenme waiguoren bagel shenme tumble dryer, la!

The upshot is that I never actually do any meaningful work, in my office, ever.

How’s the pay?

I’m not a big fan of speaker phones in a cubicle environment period. It makes little difference to me two or three people are jammed into one cubicle, using the speakerphone to listen to a legitimate conference call, or if someone is using her speakerphone to check her messages. Yes the latter is more rude, but both are equally distracting me from my work.

The way I see it, a cubicle environment should be treated as a library as much as possible. That means no speakerphones, no radios, no personal calls, no group conservations, and just in general no loudness. At least where I work, conference rooms are available if people really need them. Personal calls can be taken outside.

it’s funny how this often transfers over to when these same people (if able to) speak english …

‘shenme shenme shenme report shenme cussomer service shenme helicopter, ma?’
'shenme shenme sna ke shenme shenme Post It shenme meeting, lo!
'DDDDDUIIIIII AHHHHH!!! shenme shenme coffee machine shenme shenme tao yan shen me shenme waiguoren bagel shenme tumble dryer, la![/quote]

I do, but only after office hours when everyone is gone and it’s quiet.

Actualy, apart from hobbit foot[prints, tere is one local habit that pisses me off, in an “oh mi god why can they be so ignorant or uncaring of the consequences?” way.

Sitting in the car, air conditioner on, asleep or dozing for hours with the engine running, parked on the red line at a busy intersection. Traffic banked up behind them, snarling its way back around to the net intersection.

And then if you stop and tap on the window and ask them to move, they either treat you like you have two heads, or they get irate and all angry as I have humiliated them in public. Selfish ignorant prats!

Perhaps even more annoying is the millions of docile brainless sheep who meekly make their way past them, three lanes merging into one and a half, and not one objection or toot of the horn…