Annual Leave

How much annual leave do you have?

  • As much as I like (self employed, familiy business etc.)
  • More than 30
  • 25-29
  • 19-24
  • 13-18
  • 8-12
  • 7 (Taiwan Standard)
  • less than 7
  • 0 (none)

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Wondering how many days annual leave you have in case you work for a local company / employer.

I negotiated 20 days per year, not that much to what I got before (25 + travel days when going home) or 30 in Germany, but still acceptable.
However I was shocked to learn that people here get usually 7 days only and no leave in the first year.

Yep, that’s the arrangement I have: 7 days plus of course Chinese New Year and no leave in the first year.

Considering though that I have a car (van) at my disposal, trips overseas to book fairs(at least three times a year), and other little perks, I feel that such giving up on any demand for extra days was worth it.

[quote]However I was shocked to learn that people here get usually 7 days only and no leave in the first year[/quote]Nope, it’s true, except I got Zero after seven years, and the boss told me it was illegal to give me time off, even thought he gave others some. Lying bastard, I told him that to his face. He’s going bust now, wonder why…
Have another job, still Zero.
So I missed 3 sisters’ wedding, 5 funerals, how important is family to Taiwanese people again ?

Oh yeah, Taiwan is good to me :unamused:

just to be sure, this is 7 working days or do you mean 7 calendar days?

A lot more liberal than what I had in my home country.

10 days annual leave
10 floating holidays
5 days Chinese new year

Working days I think it is. Actually one of my staff (a local) asked me that very same question yesterday - if he can’t find that out for himself I will just give him 7 calendar days. :smiling_imp: :wink:

But seriously, I think annual leave always refers to working days though some companies may have 6 per week while others have 5 only.

Contractually, three weeks paid vacation annually.
(Plus, there is always more: long weekends and the like.)

Usually I use it all at one time. This year, it has been a week at a time.

My contract is worded as “three weeks” with no reference to working days.
This thread has got me to thinking…for next time.

Seven days plus 1 day for each additional year. I’m up to two weeks paid, but since the three foreigners where I work cover each other’s shifts, I can basically take as much time as I can persuade the other two guys to give me – a month this summer, starting from NEXT SATURDAY!!! WOOHOOOOOOO!!!

Sandman, I think I speak for everyone where (at least those not going away) when I say :

Yeah, you gotta be carefull with your contracts. It should define the working days per week and the annual leave.

In Malaysia I had 25 days plus two travel days for every time I go to Europe but limited to max. 2 trips a year. So I could have had 29 days in total (usually I went back only once so still got 27) and of course we had around 13 or so days public holidays. If a PH felt on a Sunday the next day was off!
When I signed my contract here I agreed to 20 because you get 5 days for Chinese New Year, but didn’t realize that otherwise public holidays are pretty rare. Not complaining though, after all I can always go back to Kinmen or Matsu for a “free” holiday … :shock: :wink:

The number of annual leave days is awfully insufficient in Taiwan and I’ve heard the US too. I’d like to propose Taiwan casts off all its ties with the US and invites in some nice country with generous leave provisions, say France or Germany, to take over as colonial overlord.

What gives with 7 days anyway? What do you say when you ask for 7 days annual leave? “Don’t really need it of course boss but the missus and I thought we might, you know, do a bicycle tour of Europe over the summer hols.”


That will be decided when you try take your time off. The criteria will be “What is the most bloody inconvenient thing we do to this person?”

I almost got a school job a while back that included paid time off for the winter and summer breaks. Something like seven weeks in total!!!

If we are talking about paid leave - I have zero.