ANOM: Hundreds arrested in massive global crime sting using messaging app

This is pretty hilarious


Pretty cool stuff.


Agreed, looks like the Feds (AUS and US) done good.

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And extremely efficient.

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100s of arrests, but even better, so much data. And Hakan will get hunted down and killed, saving us the dirty work.

So many open source alternatives they could have used and independently verified. Criminals must be really lazy now.

I think this is genius. And the app has already produced great results. Amazing.

From the article:

“(…) Dubbed the “Facebook gangster” by Australian media outlets, Ayik is seen in social media photographs with large tattoos and a muscular physique. Local outlets say he has been living in Turkey since evading arrest, living a luxury lifestyle with a Dutch wife.”

That guy is already a fugitive. No need to make fun of his love life.

By whom? People paid by FBI to advertise as independent? :slight_smile: