Another anti-Syrian Lebanese MP blown away

This is getting to be a regular occurance. Amazing it hasn’t yet sparked another civil war. [quote=“BBC”]An anti-Syrian Lebanese MP has been killed in a car bomb attack in a mainly Christian district of the Lebanese capital, Beirut, officials have said.

They said Antoine Ghanim, a member of the Maronite Phalange party, and at least three others died when his car exploded in eastern Sin al-Fil suburb. [/quote]

It’s all a rather too convenient scapegoat.
There is obviously several pardigms to this equation.

Turnabout is fair play?

[quote=“BBC”]A Syrian cleric suspected of recruiting foreign militants to fight in Iraq has been shot dead in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo, his aides have said.

Sheikh Mahmoud Abu al-Qaqaa was shot several times by a gunman as he left the Imam Mosque after Friday prayers.

The gunman tried to flee the scene of the shooting, but was chased by a crowd and later arrested, the aides said.

Correspondents say Abu al-Qaqaa was a charismatic Sunni cleric with thousands of radical Islamist followers in Syria.

His anti-American sermons attracted a wide audience after the US-led invasion in Iraq in 2003, and his reputation rapidly spread.

The BBC’s Kim Ghattas, who has interviewed the sheikh, notes that assassinations are highly unusual in Syria.

She says there are a number of stories concerning why he was killed, some of them contradictory, but adds that he does appear to have been instrumental in channelling jihadis into Iraq.

‘American agent’

After the shooting, one aide to the cleric told the Associated Press that “terrorists” had killed the sheikh, whose real name was Mahmoud Qul Aghassi, for his “nationalist positions”.

Another aide, Sheikh Samir Abu Khashbeh, said the gunman had told him that he had killed the cleric “because he was an agent of the Americans”. [/quote]

“Assassinations are highly unusual in Syria.” That’s ironic.