Another Brick In The Wall(German Language version)

This is an amazing Pink Floyd cover. … _Stein.mp3

Dat vill do, I zay. :slight_smile:

You have not experienced Pink Floyd until you have heard them in the original Klingon

Speaking of German versions…

Anybody know where I can get Peter Gabriel’s German version of “Games Without Frontiers”?

He did a few alternate versions of some of his songs for the German market, and this one was pretty nasty (much darker than the original, English language version). It was definitely Gabriel.

I heard it once while in Germany and went out of my way to ask the club dee jay to show me the vinyl (man, this dates me) and sure enough - it was Gabriel.

I wasn’t able to procure a copy before I split Germany.

I don’t like this German version of The Wall, because it seems as if they tried to stick pretty close to the original. What is so nice or different about it, except that it is in German?