Another Canadian caught growing pot

Another Canadian is in the news, caught growing and selling or planning to sell pot. The article said he was tracked through his online activities. I wonder if he was posting his activities.
Sorry, can’t find the article again.

Canadian busted for Canabis again

All these people growing Marijuana could do better trying to grow legal Chinese herbs , put their talents to a better use.

Actually a lot of peoole.have been busted due to growing marijuana over the last year.and they are mostly Taiwanese…This guy is probably Taiwanese Canadian as well. If he was in the NHL he would be ‘The Glory of Taiwan’. Now he’s just another drug dealing Canadian.


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. And few games are stupider than trying to grow and deal marijuana in East Asia.


I wonder how many people grow for personal use, and how many get caught. I remember a guy years ago who got caught with 3 or 4 pots on his balcony. Only a good idea if your neighbors are blind.

Is there any Chinese medicine that used weed? It’s native to asia, I always wondered.

There are some records of using cannabis dating back thousands of years. It was actually one of the 50 fundamental herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine. I dont think they really used to flowers to get high though.

The 52-year-old Canadian, identified by his surname Lee, ordered marijuana seeds and planting equipment from foreign websites last year, according to the CIB.

What a massive brain fart/hemorrhage.
He thought no one could track his ISP, oooops.

I believe pot and growing one’s own is legal in Canada. Anyway, there is easily sourced news, factual news and gossip about getting caught growing , dealing and using weed in Taiwan, yes? Have the length of detainments shortened? Are offenders quickly sentenced and sent home? And what happens when they get home? Does the Canadian TSA just cuff them on the back of head and call them knuckleheads or do they sit there too?

Are they over or under thinking the reality? It just seems so likely that they’d get busted sooner or later love will come and get them. Shame. Jail seems by every account to suck bad.

After reading this I now know where his stash went. :zipper_mouth_face:

Maybe he forgot about that when he was trippin lol
It seems a lot of these operations get caught because of foolish mistakes. Things such as neighbors reporting for loud music, buying grow equipment using the address they’re growing at etc. Is it just because they are foolish people to do this in Taiwan in the first place that they therefore make foolish mistakes? Maybe they’re psychologically addicted to weed so in the beginning grow for their own consumption then just think they might as well grow some extra too

If you get licensed as a TCM practitioner, would you be able to legally sell pot from your streetfront store / clinic?

No, it’s listed as a class 2 narcotic.

Oh well, I guess it’s back to my plan to hawk worthless vitamins on TV as cures for cancer, aging, and the common cold.

No Timbits in the slammer :grin:

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You’ll have stiff competition from @mad_masala’s DVD hawking business. :dvd: :dvd: