Another cannabis arrest!




Don’t we all have these tools in our homes? I grow basil, mint, rosemary, aloe and I use tools for plant cultivation.


I am currently afraid that my oregano plants will get me in trouble. Fortunately, they do not live long under my brown thumb of death.


i have this in my balcony, a small 盧橘 tree, after 6 years it made a patch of flowers.
I hope no one will report me to the authorities…


For your sake, I sure hope your significant other isn’t a narc!


What type of traditional Chinese medicine does that produce?


I suggest you unplug the computer and turn out the lights.
Tommy Chong did 9 months for less.




Well that’s okay for use in Taiwan.


Some small yellow-ish fruits…no idea what’s their name…

HOLY CRAP, at the back of my photo you can see one of my small lemon trees!!! MY PLANTATION HAS BEEN #EXPOSED, SHUT IT DOWN, NOW THEY KNOW


Are they ‘sniffable’?

One suggestion, don’t put pot plants on your balcony!


I wonder how
I wonder why
Yesterday you told me 'bout the grey polluted Taipei sky
And all that I can see is just @IbisWtf ‘s ketamine and lemon lemon-tree


Where do you buy your rosemary plants?


That’s just a cover to grow pot plants!

I just found this one … Taipei Pot Plant Market

Taiwan Pot Plant Auction! :astonished:


Lots of patients it can help.

I’d take a joint and eat a bunch of snacks to unwind than getting drunk with a hangover the next day.

Italy is pretty lax about it.

Malaysia…yeah not trying to go to some shit hole prison for the next 20 years.


In all seriousness, what is that plant?




I wrote it x__x 盧橘


And that would be a very light sentence, ha ha.


You get that for sodomy … wait, that’s another thread.:thinking: