Another cannabis arrest!


From my understanding, the police will take bribes. They told me to have bribing money if I was to do it. In fact we’ve been warned to not let police do anything without camera and eyes watching as they’ve been known to plant drugs to get bribes.


Well, one is a gateway drug for the other, and vice versa.


Not worth the risk in any case.


Yeah no way. Taiwan’s laws already deter me from it. Malaysia is on a different level.

Ironic as Cannabis is indigenous to SE Asian. And the aboriginals in Taiwan are the first known people who cultivated Cannabis.

I am a bit jealous seeing all the new Cannabis products out. Like wine, soda, chocolate.

I tried some cream for pain and it was pretty good.


The huge marijuana trees growing around Kunming and Dali in China brought tears to my eyes. What a waste. :disappointed_relieved:


K-man must have gotten an exclusive. He even has a picture from inside the factory!!


What, he didn’t use the new technology? LED’s specific for growing plants!


After completing his military service, Chi worked as an apprentice in a fried chicken shop, but felt overwhelmed by the “pressure,” so he decided to start smoking and growing marijuana with his 59-year-old girlfriend Yu.

The guy was 35, wtf.


JESUS CHRIST. I was thinking:“One plant…wow, must be a huge one, i’m not in the drugs meta so i don’t really know how big…”



If only you could “meme” marijuana into traditional Chinese medicine here.

Don’t they use salvia to treat chronic renal disease thru TCM here?


“After a court hearing, the judge ordered that Yu be held incommunicado, while Chi was released on NT$200,000 (US$6,500) bail and ordered to be confined to his residence.”

Now why would that be?


The balcony across my house’s balcony Belongs to a police officer in Taiwan lol.


Gaoliang and binlang will do just fine!


Looks like something we ate back in the old country. We eat lots of flowers, actually.


Amateur…that thing is obviously the size of a sequoia.


@Rocket mentioned the guy did a stint in the Marines here. Who knows what fate could have awaited him in that situation? Maybe he has his own particular ideas about risk. In any case, I hope things work out as well as possible for him.

I don’t have gardening tools or oregano plants; I just have some aloe and a pseudo-bonsai. But my apartment balcony doesn’t get the best light for those plants. Nonetheless, every time I think about buying a plant light, I think, “Naw, don’t do that,” for the reasons y’all alluded to.

The security guard at the last building I worked at said to me in a friendly, well-meaning way, “You are a foreigner; all eyes are upon you.” I don’t know if that’s completely accurate, or whether it’s worth worrying about, but it’s something I think about every now and then.


If I recall correctly, cannabis is mentioned in the Materia Medica.


I’ve been looking for the right plant light. I want to grow baby greens inside. I’m sure I do plenty of other things to make that neighbors suspicious of me.


You’ve never tried that fruit? It’s so common, I planted the seeds when I was still in taichung. It looks like it’s not bothered too much by Yilan 's weAther


I had to Wikipedia it. Man, those seeds are big.