Another cannabis arrest!


I have two trees, they grew from 2 seeds, so a good rate. Too bad one of them fell from 3rd floor to a muddy rice field -_- it took a lot of time to regrow, now it looks a bit dodgy but it has been recovering well.


This should make us leading authorities:


Careful, man…


" In the US, the loquat tree is hardy only in [USDA zones] and above, and will flower only where winter temperatures do not fall below 30 °F (−1 °C). In such areas, the tree flowers in autumn and the fruit ripens in late winter."

That’s why it’s making it’s flowers now, I thought it got confused by the good weather but it actually blooms now…neat.


Don’t break your teeth over the seed!


We had a tree of that in the old country. Are you sure that is correct?


at this point why even bother? at least nobody died this time.


It appears to be somewhat of a globetrotter. The article names a whole bunch of places where it’s grown. Besides Japan and China, it lists these:


Something Bout smoking and straight thinking doesn’t go well together .


I reckon they should give this guy a break he came back and did his military service in the marine corp. He should turn up to court in his uniform .

Ironically Taiwan’s local stimulant of choice, betelnut, is horrifically bad for your health ! In many cases it will kill you and it costs a lot to treat.


Yeah, that caught my attention. He is a granny-chaser.:star_struck:


Hey, wash your mouth!


My money is she snitched on him because she wanted a younger model.


How the fuck is working in a chicken shop considered stressful?:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

Dead end? Perhaps, but stressful?

If he gets stressed out making finger-licking good chicken, what will happen when he has to make joss sticks in the slammer?


From the Taipei Times article:


You see all the legs passing by and can’t touch!


“After a court hearing, the judge ordered that Yu be held incommunicado, while Chi was released on NT$200,000 (US$6,500) bail and ordered to be confined to his residence.”

So the girlfriend for more stewed than him?


You can lick your fingers after touching the thighs though!


Legalization didn’t start until 2012. This clown moved back to Taiwan before that so this arguement is stupid. But, it’s good to know that the Taipei police had him under surveillance for 7 months prior to his arrest and the discovery of one plant. We all know the police have nothing better to do here.


They were waiting for the plant to grow.