Another cannabis arrest!

What? You don’t like those handsome young lads riding around on scooters gnawing on binglang and drooling that red juice? Slurping it up again and swishing it down with a nice, cool and refreshing iced tea.

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“Deng had previously been charged for cultivation of cannabis in 2016, and was sentenced to a 5 year prison term, but did not show up to serve his sentence.”

I had no idea that was an option. :notworthy:


That’s been an option FOREVER here.
Zain Dean…
All those criminal tycoons who ran off to the US…

Actually be careful if you have that equipment and occasionally smoke. If you are raided and have to do a “piss” test they could get you on “conspiracy to manufacture drugs” just because your urine came up positive and you have that equipment in your house.

In italy if the police finds you with it, they might take it from you and go smoke it themselves. Always happens in schools, then you see the police in their car just behind the school chilling and smoking.
Prisons are too crowded to put people with these kind of “crimes” in them.

Another case of you haven´t been in Taiwan a long time. I must inform you that binglang xiaojies have gone the way of the dodo…

Seriously man, you gotta come have a look at the place. It has changed a lot. Good or bad, but it is a different enchilada.

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Eagerly awaiting for the TN/Keoni take on the latest case caught: guy did an IG spot as advertisement for his products…

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Italians are not good at making money. The US just makes private prisons and make inmates do slave labor for companies and take tax money to operate the prisons as a business. True capitalist pigs lol

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Yeah we just like to enjoy life

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Uh-oh…looks like breezing through customs may soon become a thing of the past. :persevere:

what a fuq-nut.
everyone who’s ever arrived at Taoyuan has noticed the beagles sniffing for illegal stuff.
37kg. Heck, i could probably sniff that out


Yeah, one moment of idiocy is going to add to the customs wait for everybody.

Article says the cops were tipped off a month before his arrival.

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Yes, but numb nutz didn’t know that.

Oops, nice try! Jail is not the same as 150 mil. on your bank account!

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His master plan was to pack two suitcases to the brim with grass and then check them in.

How the hell did that not work ! :joy:


Oh COME ON! A TAIWANESE guy brings the stash and all of a sudden WE are the risky ones? WTF?

I’m going to the MP again.


I’m lucky not being a Canadian or American! We’re still breezing!

I’m sure the new policy will affect all Westerners. We all look the same, after all. :grin: