Another Clueless Brat in Taiwan

A friend came across this. Wretch is Taiwan’s largest photo sharing site:

I’m not sure I want to click on a link to photos entitled “doctor hung”, especially from work.

Is this SFW?

What a clueless turd. Not you, Irishstu.

yeah it’s safe for work.

And what a wanker. Not irishstu

Thanks, I checked it out. Boy, what a stupid arse. Not you merge… or you, StuartCa.

“Clueless turd,” “wanker,” but “not you Irishstu”? Shurely there’s been some kind of a mistake here.


He’s talking to you, Sandman.

Lookit that! The bloody Oirish ganging up on the True Man. Damned racists. I object! Bring me some gin and bitters.

for those of you who are unfortunate enough to have snadman as a regular visitor,i’m selling those gems on ebay

be fast,they’re going like hotcakes