Another earthquake on Sichuan

Apparently it hit this morning. … de=1458931

Seems the poor Chinese over there are not important enough for CNN as there was more local drama to cover…

Now, the stubbornness from the PRC to refuse help from Taiwan and the US is just stupid. How politics block needed help for those suffering.
Pisses me of though.

I guess the lack of replies on this tread confirm the lack of interest on the topic.

Not really, it is just overload. It has been a terrible week, with bad news daily.

At least for this one they are making a voluntary collection, can donate stuff. But road conditions are awful, aid is slowly tricklig in, many people are still trapped, dead over 200 and counting… and torrential rains affected rescue and relief efforts.

As much as this is an tragedy and I think those people needs help, there is no way I can be certain that any donation will actually make it to those in need. The donation funds were moved to other uses in the last Sichuan earthquake, many of it military. I for one am not donating money to fund them pointing more missiles at me. I also had enough of Chinese red-cross taking away money from the world meant for rescue and relief efforts in Taiwan.

Donating 100 bucks for the Japanese earthquake, Japanese people are still thanking Taiwan 2 years later, but even if I donate 100,000 to China, they would still be telling me how Taiwan is a part of China as they take the money off my hands. … tm?Slots=T … earthquake

China has refuse US and Japan’s aid, again. They did that the last Sichuan earthquake, until when they realized the situation is terrible and reserved their decision, but by then it was too late, as the critical rescue window has closed.

The Chinese government doesn’t seem to be in any sort of rush. I guess we don’t have to either. It’s not like any kind of aid is going to skip over the Chinese government and get directly to those in need anyway.