Another lifeline for Visa Runners: NIA grants additional 30 day extension

This is fairly indicative of when they expect things to get back to normal.

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Help for folks not able to get an extension!
Great news!
As i see it if you got an extension paid for or not you still have only no help

As an American i paid almost 6000nt and yes i got a real visitor visa ,but i also paid a grip for 30 days extra than the free 60 days

Perfection. Taiwan is the greatest country on the planet.

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It’s pretty much necessary.

It’s extremely bad publicity to force people to go back to their country when it’s ravaged by a pandemic, not to mention flights are hard to come by too.

But the USA will not grant extensions or anything as a number of foreigners in the US have lost their job and therefore their H1B visa, and USCIS will not grant extensions even if flights are impossible to get.


Again, this isn’t an excuse not to look at getting a proper ARC.

As I’ve said before, the government here is highly reactive. The number of people going in-and-out will be noted and brought up before a committee in the LY. It will be easy fodder for an opposition politician: ‘We have so many pathways for people to get ARCs, why are we tolerating this many foreigners abusing the visa-free system. Should we look to restrict it?’, said KMT lawmaker and ranking committee member from Yonghe, Taipei County, Chen-Xiao-Chen.


Is using abusing ?
Directed at chen-chen


From the low infection rates to the relatively undisturbed day to day, to the compassionate treatment of foreigners, the way this government is handling this pandemic is commendable on every visible level.


“The total period of stay cannot exceed 180 days” .

Visa runners are still shafted…

ARC = Alien RESIDENT Certificate

Whats the meaning Tsai?

What if some people only want to stay for say another 4 months? They should get any old job just to get an ARC and jump ship after 4 months?

This is how the Taiwan govt should be
Seen as realistic and compassionate

I especially like the amnesty basically granted to overstayers
No jail
No up to eight year ban
2000 nt fine very reasonable

They did say subject to change per circumstances

:taiwan: #1

Using too much is abusing. Yes IMO.

You aren’t supposed to reside in Taiwan on visa free status. While this has worked in the past, there’s no guarantee it will in the future.

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Tell that to the Tax office. They class you as a resident if you are here for over 90 days a year.

Thanks tsai i never knew that , im glad you started this thread.

That’s actually not true. Tax residency is established after 183 days.


There are two different rules, one that kicks in after 90 days, and one for tax resident status after 183 days. In both cases it’s the total number of days in Taiwan in a calendar year.

Tax law is separate from immigration law.

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