Another newbie question - water filter - yes or no?


In the EU tap water is subject to strict safety standards, while bottled water is not. Just saying…


@Liam_Og That makes it even more ironic that they insist on drinking only mineral water; in my opinion this highlights the cultural aspect / tradition even more.

Maybe it is because tap water just does not go as well well with a glass of wine like a good mineral water, still or fizzy.
And they tend to drink mineral water the rest of the day as well and on the (more often than not) occasions where dinners are served without wine.
Not club soda, not sparkling water, and not ordinary bottled water. Mineral water.

I guess this is gonna be different here - like only having the option of tea to go with some meals. :grinning::tea:


When I move to this Hsinchuang district last year, I was kind of considering to buy this RO at bnq at 5k last year price, but when I look around our place there is RO water vending machine so I just buy my water at vending machine and boiled. But now I have hypothyroid and contemplating whether to buy or just simply go at RO water vending machine.


Taipei water is clean no bacteria but maybe some minerals so good idea to filter. It won’t hurt you at all unless you drink it for years and the minerals collect in your body.