Another one moving back to the Wan

Ladies and Germs, this is my formal announcement of returning, as so many do, to Taiwan.

I lived there for nearly 3 years and will be leaving my current location for The Rock again. I am starting the preparations now and will arrive sometime next Fall.

I expect naked maidens with lulus to greet me on the shore, gentlemen who will offer me cocktails (I’ll take beer, I D O mingle with the proles, I’ll have you know) and corporate clients awaiting my fantastic intellect and charm! I fully expect free adjournments from Yuma’s or Bongos, so gentlemen, have wallets ready.

I am every bit as handsome as I think I am, and I expect you to love me when I arrive. If you do not, you are heathens. (Why isn’t there a movie about me moving to Taiwan. Again. With, like, half the population of aging gaijin doing the same? Tis a crime!)

And, yes, I start almost every sentence with “I”. That is just how awesome I am.

/I’m mostly joking.
//I AM coming back
///do you think I look fat in this mumu? Was told it was a MAN mumu. Its the rage.

Its the man mumu, isn’t it? Was wondering why people stared.

Er, not your best work, this thread. :thumbsdown:

But welcome back anyway. :thumbsup:

I’ll be waiting for you at the airport… naked.

[quote=“Mucha Man”]Er, not your best work, this thread. :thumbsdown:

But welcome back anyway. :thumbsup:[/quote]

I tried. And, yeah, its pretty lame.

Thanks tho!!!

That’ll be…er…great! (We’re both going to be arrested, aren’t we? *sigh)

Welcome back (there as i am not there but instead am here)

Right, so maybe you want to, oh, I don’t know, just spitballing here…SHUT THE FUCK UP.

MTJ, we eagerly anticipate your arrival, and as we speak are preparing Al Fresco’s Custom Tour of this season’s Top 10 Taipei Outdoor Drinking Spots.
I’ll cover the north, TCB will take care of you when you venture south…